Harpoon 5- Miler and Splice

Gooooooood morning!  How was your weekend?  I can’t believe how fast the weekend flew by, even when I had Friday off!

Yesterday was my long-awaited 5 mile run for Harpoon. Way back when I started running (in March, haha) I had decided that this would be my first race.  Originally, I didn’t even get to register!  I got wait listed and was really bummed.  That led me to sign up for the Mother’s Day Race (which ended up being my first race) and then the Baldi 5-Miler.

First race!

Well obviously I got into Harpoon and was so psyched.  Last year I went but cheered on my friend Maureen.  I wouldn’t have imagined that I would run it, ever!

So I woke up, like I said yesterday, and it was rainy and gloomy.  As I got ready I realized I had no idea what to wear.  My central air was on and it was rainy outside so I assumed I would be cold and wet.  I decided on: a pair of fitted black capri running pants, green Puma Tank, red t-shirt, and my running jacket.  Well, when I stepped outside- holy hottness!  I ran right back upstairs and changed into an Under Armour pink tank.  I also sported my new sweat-wicking Under Armour running hat.  I LOVE running in hats because it makes me feel like I am in my zone 🙂  It ended up being the perfect outfit for the day!

On the drive into Harpoon it was raining…

But by the time I got to the waterfront (which only took 15 minutes) the sun started coming out…

I parked my car, pinned my number to my shirt, and met Maureen, her sister Kate, and her brother-in-law Geoff and some of their friends inside the front gate.  I was definitely anxious to get started, especially after my 5 miles of torture last weekend in Haverhill.

  • There were a TON of runners heading toward the start line: the results list shows 2166 runners.  I was number 2231.  They set up pacing markers for runners to line up at, but since there were so many people we started at the 14 min. mile marker.  Good thing is that my bib had the timing chip attached to the back, and it didn’t start timing me until I crossed over the starting line.
  • Mo and I had the same goal: to finish the race at a comfortable pace without feeling like we are going to die.  We both wanted to enjoy the run. We ran together and chatted the entire way.  You have no idea how fast the first couple miles went!  Before we even hit mile two- the winner of the race was already breezing past us on his way back to the finish line! The winner was a guy from Medford who ran 5:14 min miles.  Wow!
  • Anyway, back to me, haha.  We got to Castle Island and there was a cool breeze that helped me cool down a bit. There were a ton of people running along this sidewalk that led out to a gazebo where the turn around was.  This part of the race was tough because we were weaving in and out of the other runners trying to keep a comfortable pace for us.
  • By the time we turned around we were already halfway through the run!  Wooooo!  I was in such a good mood I even did a little singing/rapping for Maureen. I used my playlist from the Haverhill run but I actually listened to the music this time!
  • The last mile was just as easy as the first for me.  By easy I mean comfortable, like I didn’t mind that I was still running!  Of course, I started wondering where the finish line was.  I heard someone say that I’d see the finish line right after I turned the next corner.  When I turned the corner I ran as fast as I could (while being making sure I didn’t fall on my face).


Finished: 1175

Time:  45:55

Pace:  9:11

THAT MEANS: I did better than last week’s race!  Last week I finished at 46:39, which is a pace of 9:20.  At Harpoon I paced myself better, made sure I was able to talk (and sing!) and finished faster.  My run was so much more exhilarating and is the way racing/running should make you feel.


haha, Dork!

I defiantly caught the runner’s bug!

After the race I snacked on some Cliff Bar samples the were giving out.  I have never tried these kinds of Cliff Bar’s because I usually eat their Luna Bars which are their nutrition for Women.  Yesterday I tried the chocolate dipped peanut kind which was salty and chocolatey and amazing- I actually had two!  I also tried a chocolate brownie and blueberry crisp flavor.  All the bars were chewy and soft, yum!

I also got myself a couple of Harpoon beers to enjoy while we hung out.  I had a UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen which is a reddish-tinted beer with a sweet raspberry taste.  I love cold fruity beers- especially when served on tap!  The second beer I tried was the UFO White which is served on tap with orange slices.  Both of these beers are unfiltered for a “more natural taste and appearance”.

Me, Kate, Maureen

Maureen and Meeee

Geoff and Kate

We got pretty hungry so we walked to Salvatore’s. This was the place I was dying to try with Jack but we thought it was closed.

We started with some bread and dipping oil.  The oil had some balsamic vinegar, a clove of garlic, and two hot peppers.  Delish!

Of course I really, really, really wanted pizza for lunch, but I know it is important to eat a variety of foods, haha, so I got the Chicken Pesto wrap.  It was a soft, fresh flour tortilla with a pesto spread, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and grilled chicken.  I only ate half because the beer filled me up pretty good, but it was delicious!

My wrap came with home-made potato chips!

After lunch I went home and napped the rest of the afternoon away.  Jack came to pick me up for our dinner/movie date around 7.  We went to Jimmy’s Steer House for dinner.

Buffalo tender to start

Then salad and a piece of bread

Chicken teriakyi and a baked potato

Jack loves the movies and I do not, but I was in a pretty good mood (and he promised me Milk Duds) so I agreed to go see Splice with him.  I was planning on napping through the movie because Science Fiction is not my thing.  Turns out this movie was just plain RIDICULOUS!  I really couldn’t stop watching because it was so silly and strange.  Everyone in the audience was commenting and laughing at the absurd things that happened through the whole movie!  I mean really?!  It was an enetertaining way to end my Saturday at least!

Did anyone else see Splice this weekend?  Thoughts??

Well, off to breakfast then to do some food shopping.

Until later


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