Summer Dreaming

For everyone just checking in I want you to know something:


I mean how in the world is it only Tuesday? It feels like the week should almost be over ten times already!  Part of it is the end of the year slump where my kids are finishing up the reading and math quarterly testing and I am rearranging/packing up my classroom.  We have had a great year together and worked EXTREMELY hard and we are ready for a break!  I really want to start next year off organized and though I say every year I will organize in the summer- I NEVER do!

I also have some fun activities coming up from now until, well, August!  Some summer activities I am looking forward to are (in no particular order):

  • End-of-the-year get togethers/ going away party
  • The last day of school
  • Running lots of races!
  • A destination vacation, some place tropical toward the end of July
  • Annual family vacation to OOB, Maine
  • RAY LAMONTAGNE concerts and new CD
  • Wine tasting at Les Zygomates celebrating my two cousins’ engagements
  • Hiking
  • Trying out trail running and roller blading (possibly biking too?? IDK)
  • Graduating from Running Club and becoming an Official Member!

See, all this fun stuff that has been floating around in my head is now a lot closer to actually happening, and it is making this week drrrrraaaaagggggg by.  Anyone else agree?  What fun things do you have planned for the warmer months?

I woke up this morning feeling pretty refreshed.  I got a great sleep last night!

Breakfast was one of my usual favorites: peanut butter french toast with a banana.  But today I did something different…ready for it? I made Peanut Butter and Banana STUFFED french toast.  Sounds fancy huh? 😉  Well the good news is that it is super simple and SUPER delicious.

Step 1: Melt 1-2 tblsps PB in micro for 30 seconds

Step 2: Mix 1/3 cup egg whites with a dash of vanilla almond milk (or cow’s milk) and a dash of cinnamon

Step 3: Smear PB on two slices of whole wheat bread and top with half a banana that has been sliced.  Put together like a sandwich.

Step 4: Dip in batter on both sides and cook.

Cut into strips and serve with sugar-free maple syrup- holy yum!

I ate it at my desk with my french vanilla iced coffee from D.D.

I also snacked on some watermelon and grapes this afternoon….

And I tried a new flavor (to me) of Clif Bar: Peanut Toffee Buzz.  It had more of a peanut taste than a toffee buzz taste and was very sticky and chewy (in a good way).  I like the flavor of peanuts a lot!  This bar has 11 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber and a whole bunch of whole grains.  Which means it is good for you in addition to being delicious!  With that being said, I always feel like I could eat 100 of these kinds of bars to fill up so they are not generally my eat-when-I am-hungry-and-need-to-fill-up snack.  They are more of a hold-me-over-until-dinner snack.

I have Running Club in about an hour and a half from now and don’t want to eat too much before the run so the Clif Bar took the edge off my appetite.

I am also going to give my new running accessory a try: my Spibelt.  This belt holds small personal items such a keys, phones, cameras, I.D for when you run.  The best part about it (or so I hear) is that it fits snug to your waist and doesn’t bounce when you run!  I have been holding my keys and leaving my camera at home during my runs (which makes me miss a ton of good photo ops).  Now (hopefully) I have found an answer to my prayers!

They had a bunch of colors but I liked the black because it will blend in better with my clothes (and doesn’t show dirt as easy!).  The model on the tag is wearing hers over her shirt but I am thinking of wearing mine under my shirt.  I will take some pics when it is on and let you know how I feel about it fashion wise and running wise.  One thing I can tell you: it is NOT a fanny pack 😉

Do you use a Spibelt to store important/ necessary items when running?  If not, where do you keep your stuff??

Well, I am off to change into my running clothes and head over to the Knight’s for Week 7 Running Club.  A few minutes ago sun showers passed through but now they are gone.  I think it has rained on all but one Tuesday in the past 7 weeks.  Wow!




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