Week 7 Running Club Recap

Before reading this post, press play….go ahead..do it!

Ok, now that we have set the mood: this week’s running club topic was hills, and not only did we discuss techniques for running up hills and down hills, we also changed course and actually ran a hill:


Well, we actually didn’t run this hill, it was kind of more of a small, gradual incline like this:



The “new route” we ran tonight was part of the original running route we took back in the first few weeks, except we extended it a couple of miles to make it just over a 3 mile run.  For those who know the Melrose area:

  • We started at the YMCA on Main Street and headed toward Pine Banks Park
  • Turned right on West Wyoming St
  • Turned right at J.J. Grimsby’s on the Lynnfells Parkway (where we encountered our first hill as running club members)
  • Ran past Melrose High/Middle School and fields
  • Turn right back onto Main St and returned to the YMCA

We ran the Purple Route which is 3.1 Miles (source)

I ran this route two Thursdays ago and my Nike sensor was incorrectly calibrated and said the route was 3.56 miles or something like that (which was obviously wrong!).

The intervals tonight were a bit more challenging: walk 1/run 9. I again went out with the fast group, or the “rabbits” as they call them.  This week, however, our group of 10ish runners was a measly 2 (with one running club member)!  She was really nice and we had great conversation about running and finding the right pacing for the right type of run.  I found this week’s pace to be a little faster than I would’ve liked, especially because when I started running I could feel my shins starting to burn a bit.  When I am running on Tuesdays I am really looking for an enjoyable, medium paced run, so tonight’s run was a little more speedy than I would’ve really liked.

Since I have run the route before I anticipated the hill far before other’s probably did.  I didn’t think it was too bad of a hill because usually when I think of a hill I picture the first picture above!  I guess being a pessimist when thinking of hills kind of helped me out tonight!  Of course we had discussed the technique of running hills just prior to heading out, but I really didn’t listen so I was on my own trying to figure out how to run up and down the hill “right”.  Like I said above, my shins were burning a bit through the entire run, but it turns out, tight shins can mean that I am overstriding while running up or down hill!  Read on:

Week 7 Running Club Topic: Running Hills

*The following information is taken from the article “Hill Running Made Easier” by Jeff Galloway.  If you are interested in the entire article, check it out here.

  • As you start uphill, shorten your stride and don’t try to maintain the pace you were running on the flat road.
  • Your posture should be upright: with your head, shoulders and hips in a straight line with your feet
  • Keep your feet low to the ground
  • When running downhill, keep feet low to the ground and don’t overstride.  Your stride will cover more ground while going downhill than it does on a flat but should feel shorter.
  • Overstriding can cause you to breathe too rapidly and tighten your leg muscles, hamstrings, and shins (my problem today!)
  • If you are going too fast, shorten your stride
  • Whether running uphill or down, you should always be running in a constant rhythm.  If you are not in a rhythm you may be going too fast which will end up slowing you down in the long run (pun intended, haha, I’m funny 🙂 )

I am meeting some really great people who are still sticking it out (over half of the people who began the program have stopped!) with me and we are all signing up to do a race together in July.  It is a great way to celebrate completing the program.  Tonight we were reminded that the goal is to run continuously for 30 minutes, not to run x-amount of miles.  We are almost there!

Also, as I promised, said I would let you know what I thought about my new running accessory: my Spibelt.  Fashion-wise it is small and super cute.  Mine is black with a pink zipper.  The elastic band is adjustable and fits waists 24 inches to 40 inches!  I wore mine snuggly fastened around my hips, and covered it with my running shirt.  I really didn’t think it was noticeable, but I did make sure to point it out to a few people while I was running!


Sleek and comfy

Running-wise I put my house keys and my camera in the expandable pocket and I didn’t feel it bouncing at all during my run.  It remained snug against my hip the entire time but didn’t cut off my circulation or make me uncomfortable at all.  Actually, as it turns out, the Spibelt was also a great way to keep my under layer tank top from riding up during the run- SCORE!  I LOVE IT! The only downside may be the fact that I am not coordinated enough to unzip the pouch, take out my camera, snap a picture, put it back, and zip it up again without hurting myself or dropping my camera (as I did when I was showing Amy how cool it was before the run!).

This belt was only $19.95 and they are offering free shipping right now.  I highly suggest it if you are ever wondering (like me) what to do with your stuff while you run!

Dinner tonight was two bowls of cereal.  I always crave cereal after Running Club probably because it is so late by the time I sit down to eat that I feel like something sweet!

Tonight I tried a new cereal: Trader Joe’s Super Nutty Toffee Clusters Cereal (boy, say that three times fast!)

It  has toffee flavored flakes, pecans, almonds, and brazil nuts.  It is very crunchy but not a sweet as I would’ve hoped!  Still edible for sure!

Well kids, it is about that time to call it a day.  I have morning gym tomorrow- which means I will be doing Day 2- Legs for the first time in TWO WEEKS!  It should be a killer workout!

Off to bed!




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