Week 8 Running Club Recap

Today I spent a sun-filled afternoon with my mom and dad at Tar Beach.  I brought my new book that I am reading: “Spent, Memoirs of a Shopping Addict” by Avis Cardella and pulled a beach chair beside the pool to catch some rays.  My mom helped me make home-made iced coffee (which I have yet to try) and then cooked some lunch while I listened to the Sox game with my dad.

Lunch was steak (I had a small burned piece with teriyaki sauce), a baked potato with butter, and green beans.

My kitty Nala (who my parents have been “babysitting” since I graduated college in 2003 😉 ) isn’t as sly as she thinks she is and was hoping to have some of our left-overs!  No luck Nala!

After lunch I headed home and put together a playlist for a summer-evening run.  As I said before, I didn’t make it out for my run this morning, and because it was so hot today, an evening run was my only choice.  I laced up and hit the street at 7:30 listening to the following playlist:

  • Eleanor Rigby- Beatles
  • Two Step- Dave Matthews Band
  • Empty- Ray Lamontagne
  • Beautiful Day- U2
  • Walk On- U2
  • Billionaire- Travie McCoy
  • California Gurls- Katy Perry
  • If We Ever Meet Again- Timbaland ft. Katy Perry
  • Beautiful- Akon

I didn’t put the songs in any particular order, but it ended up being that the perfect song was always playing for a specific part of my run.  My running route today was the 3ish mile loop we do for running club, which starts on Main St, and goes up the Lynn Fells Parkway, which is a long, windy tree-lined street.  My run was so enjoyable tonight!

I sat outside for a little bit after my run, thinking.  Thinking about how I have been feeling the past few weeks in regards to the gym and working out in general.  I had come to the decision a bit ago that I needed to find a balance with my real life and my fit life, that I need to allow myself the flexibility to switch up my workout schedule, but lately I have been finding that my motivation towards my fit life is lacking harcore.  The thing is that my fit life is the piece that relieves my stress, gives me energy, challenges me, and over all makes me feel confident and happy. How could I let something I love so much fall by the wayside?

Well, there a couple of reasons:

  1. I got bored with my routine. This is normal and happens every 6-8ish weeks.  My body and mind get so used to the movements and routine that it seems to take no effort to get through the  workout (if that makes sense).  When this happens I tend to dread the gym because it makes it feel like another thing “to do” instead of something I want to do.
  2. I don’t see/feel a difference in my body. This problem is two-part.  One, I need to shock my body and get my muscles moving different ways by adding in intervals/supersets/plyometric exercises to rev up my metabolism.  Two, I don’t have an actual fitness goal (and haven’t had one for a while).  I need to make one so I have something measurable to work towards.
  3. I was making excuses and using them to get out of getting to the gym.  I was allowing myself to stay out later, drink a little more, and sleep in instead of sticking to a schedule (which is what I personally need to stay on track).

So what am I going to do about this? I am glad you asked!

  1. Start a new routine ASAP!  I have a few magazines that already have some great workouts planned (why reinvent the wheel?!)
  2. For a change, try to incorporate Body Pump (I’ve never done it so yikes!) and possibly some yoga into my fit life.
  3. Keep running with Running Club and sign up for a few more races this summer
  4. Try trail running (I really want to!)
  5. Make a measurable goal for myself to accomplish by the end of the summer (any thoughts??)
  6. Stick to my regular schedule, no excuses!

Running Club: Week 8 Recap                            Topic: Motivation

Amy picked me up the articles since I didn’t make it to Running Club this week, and boy am I glad she did!  There were some article on motivation and ways to keep you running.  I would even go as far to extend the advice given to my strength training as well.  In the article “Stick with It” (Runner’s World, May 2002), John Bingham discusses what the key to running is, and isn’t:

  • The key is to be dedicated, not disciplined.
  • It is about becoming a person who is dedicated to a life of physical activity and making the most of whatever physical talents and skills you possess.
  • Dedication sometimes means doing what you don’t want to do and it also means understanding that frustration is an important part of the combination of ingredients that leads to progress.  For example, it isn’t the discipline to run/lift three days a week that makes you a runner (or whatever), it is the dedication to run/lift for the rest of your life that matters.

There was also an article from Runner’s World (January 2000, pg 24) that gave several tips for how to stay motivated to run.  I picked my favorites to share with you:

  • Notice something beautiful every run (I was mesmerized by the setting sun on my run this evening)
  • Enter a race for a cause (I’d like to do one for Autism)
  • Make my runs social (Running Club, woop woop)
  • Introduce a non-runner/out of practice runner to running (Anyone interested?  Let me know!)
  • Abandon the rut (find a new route to run each week, start training for something)

Wow- it is ten o’clock already, and this was a really looooonnnnggg post!  I needed to get some order to my thoughts so thanks for bearing with me!  Now I am going to watch some TV and veg out for a while.  Tomorrow I am headed to the Special Olympics to watch my 9-year-old cousin, Sean, compete!  It is so exciting!  My whole family went last year to cheer him on too!


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