Fitness RX- Just what the doctor prescribed!

As I have said before I have been feeling less than stoked lately to hit the gym. I narrowed down my lack of motivation to three main reasons:

  1. Boredom
  2. Lack of a Goal
  3. Excuses, excuses, excuses!

I also made a plan of attack to get back at it:

  1. Start a new routine which incorporates some new classes and activities
  2. Set a small, measurable goal to work towards
  3. Stick to my regular gym schedule!

Today I got right back at it with a schedule that worked well for me before my workout “rut”.  I will be doing three a.m. gym sessions a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), Running Club on Tuesday nights, and some fun runs and various cardio activities throughout the week. I love morning gym (even though it is sometimes hard to get up early) because it gives me an incredible amount of energy to get me through my day AND I get it out-of-the-way in the morning so my day is free!  I am excited to be back on schedule!

My schedule this week is:

Monday- A.M Gym (New routine I’ll explain below)

Tuesday- Running Club Week 9!  Almost graduation time!

Wednesday- A.M. Gym

Thursday- RACE DAY!  Doing the Fiesta 5K in Gloucester, MA

Friday- A.M. Gym

Saturday- Body Bump!  (for the first time, yikes!)

Sunday- Run

When Amy and I develop our strength training plans we generally use what works for us.  Her brother, Aaron, started us out in January with two suggested routines: a total body which take up to an hour or more each session and a body-group-a-day routine.  We chose to go with the latter and have used this format successfully since January.

When we have developed new routines (We have done three total) we have kept the format the same and changed the moves.  We check out several books, websites, and a few magazines that help us with our plan-development:

Our new routine was taken straight from the pages of the May/June issue of FitnessRX magazine. It is a great plan that I will write more about tomorrow!  Let me tell you about Day 1 (quads), which incorporated drop sets into the mix.

What exactly are drop sets? Glad you asked because I was unfamiliar with them too!  Drop sets mean doing one set to muscular failure then as quick as you can, lowering the weight and doing another set to muscular failure, then quickly lowering that weight and doing another set to failure. This is repeated for multiple sets in a row. (SOURCE)

Day 1- QUADS

  1. Smith Machine Squats- dropsets (70lb, 60lb, 50lbs) 4 sets of 10 with each weight (totaling 120 squats)
  2. Leg Extensions– dropsets ( 60lb, 40lb, 20lb) 4 sets of 10 with each weight (totaling 120 extensions)
  3. Cross-Over Step Ups on a Bench– 20 on left leg, then repeat with right, 4 sets (totaling 80 for each leg)

Diet also has a huge part in muscle definition and toning.  Your body is 80% nutrition, 10% exercise, 10% genetics. By diet I don’t mean cutting things out, eating less food, and/or leaving out food groups, it means eating more of the right thing!  Cutting back on refined sugars and other “junk food”, eating more foods prepared at home, and incorporating more whole grains, fruits, and veggies would be a plus.  But I guess that means I shouldn’t be having wine and Doritios for dinner like I did tonight, huh? 😉  The diet part may or may not come at another point!

So the final piece to getting me out of my “rut” is setting a goal.  Goals are a must when entering any strength training (or other fitness) program because they give you direction and focus and something to work towards.  I like my goals to be small, measurable, and realistic!  My new fitness goal is to lose a half-inch off my midsection by the end of the summer (with an ultimate goal of a six-pack at some point, maybe?!). I will take a measurement of my midsection each Monday morning before the gym (starting next week) and continue doing my AB routine 3 days a week!  And when I reach my goal I am going to buy myself a new gym bag to carry my work clothes and toiletries in!

……………and those my friends, were my thoughts and actions for Monday!


Bed is calling my name!



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