Special Olympics

This Father’s Day was a very special one because my whole family got to watch my cousin Sean compete in the Special Olympics! This is his second year competing in the roller-skating portion of the Games.  It was really cool to be there to cheer him on!

They took place at Harvard University June 18 to the 20th.  In the Summer games, athletes compete in track and field events, swimming, roller-skating, tennis, volleyball, and power lifting.  Over 2,000 athletes compete in the summer games!

Sean competed in two races: an individual and a relay race. He did great!  There was lots of cheering and high-fiving going on while he competed! 🙂

Uncle Brian and Sean getting ready to skate!

My brother Michael and Sean

Sean nabbed the silver medal in the individual AND relay race!  Go Sean! 😉

Sean and his relay-mate

Danny checking out his big brother's hard-earned bling!

The post games party was at Tar Beach!  The boys of mi familia immediately grabbed some frosty beverages and jumped into the pool.  Yesterday we determined this little backyard pool is 20 years old- wow!

Happy Father's Day Dads! (and Mikey and mom too I guess!)

Three amigos: Uncle Brian (you can thank Mikey for the bunny ears), Dad, Uncle Mac

This pool has survived many whirlpools and cannon balls.  It may be small but it does the trick when it is hot out– and yesterday was hot!  By the end of the day everyone was soaking wet- not because of the rain, but because of the water guns that the guys got a hold of.  I put up a fight for a little bit but realized soon enough there was no use fighting it!

Uncle Mac is the original "cannon baller" of the fam

We had Chinese food for lunch.  I had some pea pods in brown sauce, white rice, scallion pancakes, chicken fingers, and a roll dipped in duck sauce.  Yum!  I also sipped a few Long Trail Blackbeary Wheats, which I haven’t had since our Vermont trip!  They are nice and summer-y, subtly sweet, and tasty.

Speaking of Vermont, I am finally getting the beach vacation I was dying for in April! Just as Jack promised I would!  He is taking me to Hawaii at the end of July (Waikiki Beach on Oahu to be exact)!

This will be my first time there and I am so excited!  I can’t wait to do lots of stuff- luaus, catamaran cruises, Hawaiian sunsets, volcanoes, rainforests, beaching it!  I want to do it all!  I have even entertained the possibility of trying to run a race while I am there (but I have no clue if there are any!).  Lots of reasearch to do and clothes to be bought!

Hawaii Bound 2010

Anyone have any fun activities that you recommend for us while we are there??

I’ll be back with a post of todays activities, which include (but are not limited to): gym, summer school day 1, and a nap.  Haha!




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