Week 9 Running Club Recap and a Smoothie

Hello there! How is it that on some days it takes me hours, literally, to find the motivation to do the simplest things? For instance, I was home from summer school at 1:30 and lounged in bed (not on the couch) while reading magazines and blogs, watching TV, and napping, but didn’t get the motivation to clean up around the house or write this post until now (6:30).  Of course, as many of you know, it is Tuesday and Running Club is at 7!

  • Could this be the lazy days of summer setting in?
  • or just regular old procrastination?
  • or the need to “feel the pressure” to get things done at the last-minute?

Hmmmmm…maybe a little bit of all three…anyways….as you probably could’ve guessed, I ran out of time to finish up the post before running club!

This morning it was so nice setting my alarm for 6:45 and actually waking up, on my own, around 5:45!  There really is something to be said about the days when you happily wake up before your alarm and are plenty satisfied getting out of bed at your own convenience.  The world would be a much better place if we slept until we slept and then got to start our days! 🙂

I was feeling so motivated this morning that I finally attempted to make my first home-made smoothie. Months ago Amy let me “use” her blender and I have just got around to giving it a shot today.  I even went to Starbucks and bought one of their cool, plastic cups with the hard plastic straw for my home-made smoothies and iced coffee (which is still in my parent’s fridge, that is another story).

I set out without a recipe but kinda remembering a smoothie recipe I may have read about at one point.  It was made with frozen fruit (bananas and raspberries) and yogurt, how hard could it be?

Pretty hard it turns out.

So hard I couldn’t get the frozen fruit to do anything but get stuck just above the blade of the blender.

I waited.  And waited. And waited some more for the fruit, which was sitting in the blender, to thaw enough to blend.

Then added some almond milk.

And a bit more.

And threw some oatmeal in the mix (why not right, it was already a disaster!)

Well, I did salvage something out of the blender.  Probably wouldn’t call it a smoothie though.  I poured it in a cup and then tried my darndest to sip it out of a straw.


Down the drain it went.  FAIL!

So, I opted for a bowl of Kashi cereal with milk.

and a small french vanilla iced coffee with extra skim milk.

Running Club Week 9 Recap

Topic: Melrose Running Club Membership

Tonight’s intervals were run 14/walk 1, which I found to be pretty silly for myself.  The way I saw it, the longer I ran, the faster the route would be over.  I am pretty confident that I can run for thirty minutes straight so when I started my run and got to chatting, the time pretty much flew by!  Tonight I ran with John and we talked about pretty much anything just to keep talking.  There were a few times the pace was a little too much for me so I just laid back a bit which was fine with me.  he is so motivating and greeted any runners he passed with kind and encouraging words!

Next week is our week 10!  Wow!  It is our special graduation run and it is starting a little earlier than usual, because the whole club comes out to support us as we arrive back to the Knights.  I am super excited I signed up for the program because I really have met some great people and learned lots of helpful information about everything from injury prevention to hill running to nutrition tips.

This week we learned about the history of the Melrose Running Club.

  • It began in 1996 with just 70 members.
  • They run two routes that change in summer and winter and the routes are 3 to 7 miles to appeal to individual runners.
  • The first Tuesday of each month is their social night at a “local establishment”
  • They do lots of fundraising for the community in the form of donations from members (food baskets at holidays, winter coats, monthly “themes”)
  • Members receive a 10% discount at Marathon Sports

I HEART running a lot 🙂

Well, I am off to bed because I am hitting up the gym, A.M. style at 5:30.  Then off to lunch with the girls.

I HEART summer too!



PS-Got any good fruity-smoothie-all natural- smoothie recipes for me to try? I have come to the understanding that any recipe I think I “remember” reading about ends up being no good.  Next time I will google myself a recipe!


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