Playing Catch-Up

Procrastination is the thief of time.

Or at least that is how Indian actor Vinu Chakravarthy describes the reason why I haven’t posted since last Thursday!

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to.

It wasn’t because I am lazy.

It wasn’t because I haven’t done anything special.

It actually isn’t because of any other excuse you or I could think of!

The fact is simply that I just put it off, and put it off, and put it off.  Leaving me at a point with a lot to write, but nothing to write about (if that makes sense).  Basically I felt left with no substance, no meat, nothing interesting so I didn’t want to write it.  But putting it off longer will not help me out…

So with my apologies, let me get to catching you up…

Friday afternoon after summer school I headed to Tar Beach with my brother Michael and his girlfriend Meaghan.  We hung around the pool, drank some beers, and listened to the Jack Johnson CD Michael made for me. Jack Johnson is perfect 5 o’clock music and ranks right up there with Ray Lamontagne and David Gray.  I appreciated the cd as I am always looking for new music!

Friday night was night was a continuation of the afternoon, with Michael and Meaghan replaced by Maureen and Amy, and a guest appearance by my mom and auntie Erin.  We had some pizza and some more beers and listened to Jack Johnson again.

The full moon, blurry because of the slow shutter speed of the camera!

In total I think I listened to the Jack Johnson cd at least 6 times Friday.

Saturday I got to go to a birthday party with Jack and his family down in Duxbury.  (Which is not close to where I live, and is on the same route as Cape Cod).  We sat in a lot of traffic but it was well worth it!  This 71st/21st combination birthday party was exquisite.  It was complete with valet parking, a bartender with a well stocked bar, catering from the Hilltop Steakhouse, DJ, karaoke, and a jumpy thing for the kids. No pics!  Sorry!

Sunday was a walk around Boston.  Jack and I started in Charlestown, walked through the North End, and followed the waterfront basically into Southie (but not actually into Southie).

We had coffee and biscotti in the North End.

Lunch was at the Chart House on Long Wharf.

We sat outside and watched the boat tours come in and out of the Harbor.  I had a couple of glasses of wine and a blackened chicken sandwich on buttery toasted bread with jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  It came with the crispiest shoestring fries!

I spent lots of time with the fam Monday and Tuesday.

Well- now we are all caught up: there was a lot of eating and drinking going on in my world the past few days.  I have also gym-ed it but haven’t allowed time for my runs, which I now CRAVE!  So I will add that to my to-do list for the rest of this week.  Cooler weather will help make this happen!

In other news: I am working on refocusing my blog.  I started it out in March with loose focus on working out and eating healthier and have lost that focus to just talk about my everyday life.  It isn’t that I mind sharing with you what I do everyday, but that isn’t what I started blogging to do!  I need to find my focus, tighten it up, and stay on track!  Stay tuned!



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