Crepes, Pancakes, and a Heat Wave

Well folks, summer is treating me well so far (in case you were wondering 😉 )!  I know that working in a heat wave must be a major bummer- but vacationing in a heat wave is divine!

Yesterday I headed to the gym with Amy for some weights.  All school year I think about how amazing it would be to just have the whole day to hit the gym and then do whatever so I am taking full advantage of the opportunity!  I met her at 10:15 and works our Backs.

Before the gym I attempted for a second time to make crepes.  I used a recipe given in a blog comment and know I mixed it well, but they stuck to the pan (and yes, I sprayed it generously with cooking spray).

Unless this is what they are supposed to look like (floppy and flimsy and broken) then I am not a crepe chef. 😦 Anyone want to give me lessons? Haha!  I’ve never actually had a crepe so I may not even like them- BUT I want to give them a shot!

With that failure in the garbage, I opted for a bowl of Kashi 7 grain flakes with a half cup of Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt.

And last night I surprised Jack with a pizza and some fires for dinner!  We layed low- he did homework and I watched the Just Bieber special and Chelsea Lately on E!, haha.


This morning was a.m. gym with Amy, we did ABS and legs today.  I went up with the weight on my Smith machine squats and focused super hard on my form.  Boy, did it make a difference!  My legs were jelly by the end!

Later in the afternoon, I dragged my aunt for a noon-time run.  We did about 2.5 miles and, let me tell you, it was HOT!  There was very little shade on the route but I didn’t actually mind running overall.  I really felt like I needed to run-right then– and didn’t want to risk getting side-tracked and missing out if I had waited.  I LOVE RUNNING!


Thank goodness my parents have a pool at Tar Beach that I took full advantage of for the rest of the afternoon.

Lunch was a ham and cheese sammie on white bread (mmmmm, I haven’t had white bread in a while) with a handful of chips.  I also had a salad with lettuce, tomato, carrots, and hot peppers.  Yum!

Then I headed home to tackle my every growing pile of clothes and shoes.  I ended up dropping 4 heaping bags of clothes and shoes at a clothing donation drop-box!  (A glass of wine really helped with the tossing process, believe me!)

Dinner was two whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes (using Hodgson Mill mix) and a sliced banana with maple syrup.  Sweet and tasty!

I am a tired girl.  Tomorrow is gym and Tar Beach with my ladies.  Sure to be a fun day in the sun!  I also have a race Sunday with Running Club newbies like me and Hawaii a week from Monday!  I must get packing!

See ya in the A.M.!



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