I ran because that’s what I do

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has great plans for this weekend!

I set my alarm for 7:50 and woke up at 7 on the nose.  After laying in bed for a bit I decided to get up and take a run before I hit the gym.

I had half an Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif Bar for some pre-run energy.

One thing I didn’t have enough time to do was hydrate.  I don’t drink enough water on a regular basis (I know, bad Lisa), but on hot and humid days hydrating before a run is so important.  On Tuesday, in preparation for Running Club, I drank a ton of water through the day and it really did make a huge difference in my energy levels.

The run this morning was tough not only because of the lack of water but also because my legs are very sore and extremely tired from leg day yesterday.

I ran because I wanted to sweat.  I ran because I thought it wasn’t that hot yet.  I ran because I didn’t want to have to run later.  I ran because I may have a beer or two at Tar Beach today.  Whatever the reason was, I ran and it was hard.  Period.  But whenever I decide to run it is ALWAYS worth it in the end!

Post-run I listened to some old-school David Gray.  Let’s not forget that I am going to see Ray and David in August at the Fleet Boston Pavillion and it is sure to be the concert of a lifetime.  I really love the both of these guys, but Ray takes the cake in my eyes! His new album comes out the day of his Boston show too. I think he should invite me to a private listening party for it while he is in town! I’m just putting it out there! 😉

I showered in preparation for the gym and then ate 2 left over whole-wheat pancakes from dinner last night with a half banana sliced.

To be honest with you, I wish I could fast forward though today’s gym sess and head straight to the pool for some fun in the sun.

Now I will leave you with Rays first single “Beg, Steal or Borrow” off his soon to be released album “God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise”.

Let me know what you think! It is the perfect summer in the country type of song.   LOVE IT!



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