A morning with “The Hills”

Yesterday after my run I headed to the gym for a little bicep and triceps action.  Then I headed to Tar Beach with my ladies for a little tanning and swimming.  The sun was dipping in and out of the clouds but it was still very hot!

I munched on some light and healthy snacks throughout the afternoon!

This salsa had a pretty short list of ingredients that were all natural tomatoes, onions, peppers, cilantro, things like that.  I scooped this super chunky salsa with some organic blue corn chips.

I have come a long way with eating because, let me tell you, I would never EVER eat anything with a chunk of onion in it.  Now I can handle them in salsa!

I also had some carrots and cucumbers sprinkled with salt.

Last night my mom came over to enjoy my central air for a while.  I don’t mind sharing it with her at all 🙂

We drank wine (I had Pinot grigio, she had Merlot) and split some Papa Gino’s pizza.  We also  watched the movie “The Lovely Bones”.  We both read the book years a go and since I am not a movie person I still hadn’t seen the movie.  I thought it was good but had a tough time remembering what was in the book and what was added when filming.  What did you think of the movie “the Lovely Bones”?  Was it close to the book or not?

Even though I am on summer vacation, I still love Saturday mornings.  Saturday mornings have a different feel to them than any other morning.  I woke up and lounged in bed for a bit before getting up to make some breakfast.

I made peanut butter french toast.  Yum!

In my mix was a couple of tablespoons of ground flax-seed, cinnamon, Pom juice, egg whites, and vanilla almond milk.

Flax-seeds themselves are about the size of a sesame seed and have a subtle nutty flavor.  I bought both the seeds and ground flax (which is powder like) and use them in cooking all the time.  I put them into any liquid cooking mixture as well as into my oatmeal and cereal.  Flax-seed is a good source of Omega-3 fat, dietary fiber, and manganese. It is also a natural mild laxative

I melted 1 tblsp of peanut butter and smothered both sides of the whole wheat bread, dipped it in the mix above, and cooked it on a pan sprayed with cooking spray.

I also cut up a banana to enjoy with it.

For all the banana lover out there: I buy bunches of bananas and leave them in my fridge until I am ready to eat them.  The skin will turn a funky brown but the inside stays perfectly white.  I know I have probably said it before but I thought I’d share again.

Now I am finding myself being sucked into “The Hills” marathon on MTV.  I don’t know what it is about the show, but I know part of the reason I love it is because watching the old episodes is so much more entertaining knowing how f-ed up some of them are now.  Oh, Heidi and Spencer, your relationship has been a train wreck from the beginning and thank you for sharing it with me.

Next step shower, then Barnes and Noble, then who knows what!




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