Monday, Monday

How is everyone’s Monday’s going?  Mine has absolutely flown by!

This morning I woke up and headed straight to Trader Joe’s to get some food essentials to get me through the week.  I have been flying by the seat of my pants with almost all meals for the past little bit and I am not happy about that.  Time to change things up and plan some meals and snacks for myself!  For real this time!

So at Trader Joe’s I tried my best to come up with some good cooking ideas and recipes for the week, but only ended up with a few random things that will at least get me through dinner tonight, right?

I got:

  • 6 bananas
  • 2 peaches
  • 2 plums
  • a pack of dried pineapples (they taste just like nature’s fruit roll-up)
  • a package of lemon-pepper pappardelle pasta (hint: dinner)
  • chicken breasts (hint: dinner)
  • salsa flavored chips (got to live a little right?)
  • 4 Clif energy bars

I also stopped at Hannaford for some fresh deli meat: I got a half pound of Sarah Lee honey turkey breast, shaved (I HATE thick cold-cuts) and some light American cheese with whole-wheat rolls.

In the car on the way home I snack on a banana and a cheese stick (not together, eww).

At home I had a bowl of Joe’s Twigs cereal with skim milk and a handful of organic raspberries for pre-workout fuel.  Yum

I met Amy at the gym at 11:15 for some bicep/tricep action.  We just did this weight day Friday but we wanted it out-of-the-way!  It also takes a pretty long time and the studio we do t in was open this afternoon so we decided to get it done right away.  My arms are really, really tired.

Post gym I tried a new (to me) Clif Bar flavor: carrot cake.  In one word: yuck.  It was soft and sticky so I thought it had potential until I took a bite.  There were slices of hard carrot and raisins along with a very strong nutmeg-y flavor that made the bar taste artificial to me.  Now, I’ve never had real carrot cake, so this may be what it tastes like in real life, but in either case I wouldn’t try it/buy it again.

Lunch was half of a turkey and cheese sammie with a handful of Trader Joe’s salsa “tositios”.  I’ve never had them before but they were crispy and spicy- perfection in chip form if you ask me!

I had a very-special coffee date with an old co-worker who is up visiting from Florida.  See, in a past life, I was a server at the restaurant Not Your Average Joes.  I worked there for almost two years part-time while teaching full-time and going to grad school.  It was tough and drama filled at times but I met some great people.

Mindy and I in our awesome black server get-ups (Thanks for the old-school pic Mindy!)

I had a venti skinny iced vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso.   Wow, lots of caffine!

Anyway, Meghan (not in the picture above!) was one of my fabulous co-workers there and she has a pretty inspiring weight-loss story .  It was great catching up with her to share our fitness journeys!  We chatted for quite a while about diet and exercise.  Her fav. workouts, TURBO and Hip Hop Hustle, are not very common in the Boston area but sound like they are high intensity and super fun!  She is training for a triathlon with her husband for the fall.  So cool!  She is also a fitness instructor and also a Team Beach Body coach.  Check out her site!

I am trying to re-vamp WantBelieveAchieve and start focusing more on the food and fitness part of my life.  What changes would you like to see to make it more interesting and informative?? Keep me posted!




One thought on “Monday, Monday

  1. Awww miss you Lisa! Thanks for including me in your blog lol. Love reading it and it gives me a lot of motivatioN!

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