Take the Lake!

So yesterday I ran my fifth race 🙂  The Take the Lake 5K was a run around  Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield.

When I started running, I ran the lake all the time!  The route has a good mix of shade and sun, back roads and main roads, walkers and runners.  Not to mention the pretty scenery!

Lake Quannapowitt

The race started at 8:30 and it was already pretty warm outside.  The sun was blazing with no clouds in sight.

Ok, there were clouds, but they didn’t seem to EVER block the sun during the race! 😉

The run itself wasn’t bad but it was hot and very sunny.  I kept a comfortable pace for myself and tried to zone out to my music, but I was hot and tired so I felt like I was counting every step.

I used my Gloucester 5K Mix:

  • Drake- “Find your Love”
  • Eminem and Rihanna- “Love the way you Lie”
  • Michael Posner- “Cooler than Me”
  • Miley Cyrus- “Can’t be Tamed”
  • Katy Perry- “California Gurls”
  • Dave Matthews Band- “Two Step”
  • The Beatles- “In my Life” and “Eleanor Rigby”
  • Travie McCoy- “Billionaire”
  • Justin Beiber- “Baby”
  • Eminem- “Not Afraid”

One thing I really like about races is not being able to picture the route you are taking so it keeps me guessing where the end it.  Problem with the lake is that I know the route- so right from the beginning I was picturing the route I needed to take.  Which also means I knew how far the finish line seemed!

Another thing I like about races is the different people who run them.  There is always a range of ages that surprises me.  There was an old man who I noticed from a couple of other races running, as well as a plethora of families, kids and adults.  There were a ton of families there where a couple if not all memebers were running. So cool!

I ran next to an 11-year-old boy for the entire race (well, until the last mile when he picked it up and blew me out of the water!).

Of course, many of my Running Club members were there too (which was the whole point of the race)!  It was so fun to participate in a race where I saw familiar faces! Each walk to runner has come far from where they started.  I chatted with a few (who didn’t show up last Tuesday night because of the heat) who said they were sticking with Running Club and will be there this week.

I won’t be because I am going to a wine tasting (more on that later)!

I finished in 28:35 which was right around where I expected to be!  Out of around 960 runners that put me at # 376, haha!  If only 375 other runners didn’t show up I would’ve won!

Post run I grabbed a couple of waters from the kiddie pools.  I did contemplate hopping in one of them but I didn’t!

There was also a table full of post-race fuel: bagels, bananas, oranges, watermelon, granola bars, muffins, and other things like that.

There wasn’t much post-race action going on so I walked around with Amy to cool down then headed home!

Amy and I

Any suggestions for my next race? I was thinking that August/September would be a good time to do another 5k or two, but by November I want to be doing my first 10k! Who’s with me?!

This week I have some fun stuff planned and a trip to get ready for!  One week from today I will be on a plane to Hawaii!  Woop Woop!

Lisa’s Week:

  • Monday- gym, food shopping, and meeting up with an old friend from work
  • Tuesday- gym, run, dinner and wine tasting
  • Wednesday- run, start packing
  • Thursday- gym, Chuck e Cheese for my godson’s birthday
  • Friday- gym
  • Saturday-run, bachelorette party
  • Sunday- Barnes and Nobel for books, recover from bachelorette party 🙂

I was going to try to wait until I got back from Hawaii to go food shopping, but I currently have no food in my house.  When I am hungry I get grouchy so I must go food shopping!

Until later,



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