Les Zygomates Part 2: The Food

So last night’s wine tasting festivities definitely wouldn’t have ended on a good note if we hadn’t eaten.  6 glasses of wine throughout the tasting and a couple of beers before without any food would’ve been trouble.  And I wasn’t in any mood for trouble.

So it should be no surprise that grabbing a bite to eat was first on our minds (even when we are not tasting wine food is the first thing on our minds 🙂 ).

I met Carney and Casey in South Boston at the restaurant The Playwright for some apps and beers before.

The Playwright is right on Broadway and I got a primo parking spot right in front, which is a signal to me that the night was going to be fabulous.

I had two Harpoon White’s while we were there.  Served with an orange, yum!

For appetizers we got the Buffalo Chicken Dip which is served with tri-colored tortilla chips, celery, and carrots.  This stuff is addicting and soooooo delicious.  I have been to the Playwright three times and have gotten all three times!  It is a must try!

We also got an order of the Rattlers, which is kind of like a rolled up chicken quesidillia.  It was a flour tortilla filled with grilled chicken and jack and cheddar cheeses.  It was served with ranch dressing and a really spicy Habanero sauce on the side.

At the wine tasting (to my surprise) there was also a live food demonstration with the head chef of Les Zygmoates.  I went to a tasting here before and all we had was crackers, grapes, and cheese so this was a fun twist on the tasting.

The live demonstration was to make a salsa verde-type sauce to accompany one of the 4 meats we would be pairing with the wines.

He used all fresh ingredients and the room smelled like fresh herbs as he was pureeing the sauce in the blender.  He used:

  • mint
  • flat leaf parsley
  • basil
  • lemon juice and zest
  • capers packed in sea salt
  • 4 anchovies (yup, anchovies, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • a whole bunch of EVOO
  • white pepper

The result?

It was kind of like a really salty pesto (and no, I couldn’t taste the anchovies, thank goodness).  We tried a bit with a spoon and dipped some bread in it too.  the true reason for the salsa verde, though, was to top off the lamb portion of the pairing menu.

For the tasting menu we received a small, tappas-style portion of four different meats to pair with the four different wines.  Just like the wines, we were to pair the food, going clockwise with the wines.

entrée 1: Asian Salmon Tartar to be paired with the Charles Smith “Kung Fu Girl” Riesling

It was pureed salmon with  lemon grass and shallots.  I didn’t try this one.  I just wasn’t feeling that daring, and I am not a fish person.  Carney did try it and said it was tasty but the texture was mushy and not appetizing to her.

entrée 2: Chicken stewed with tarragon and cooked in chicken stock for added flavor, to be paired with Ridge Crest Chardonnay

I feel like you can’t usually go wrong with chicken, so I tried happily tried it (even though it was on a bone).  It was super moist and had a fresh flavor.

entrée 3: A Lamb Chop to be paired with the Hyatt Vineyards “Estate” Syrah

It was kind of bloody but very tender.And guess what…I tried it!

Just kidding, I tried it but I wasn’t THAT excited to try it!  I cut off a little bite to eat with a fork.

It tasted similar to roast beef (and I forgot to put that salsa verde on it so maybe it would’ve been tastier) so not too bad.  However, I don’t like roast beef too much so I feel the same way about lamb.  Good news is that it isn’t as nasty as I previously thought it would be.  Yeah for big steps and trying crazy things 🙂

entrée 4: Cheese made with moldy bread A French take on Blu Cheese to be paired with Hyatt Vineyards “Estate” Cabernet Sauvignon

I forget the actual name of the type of cheese, but it was described as the French’s take on Blu Cheese.  The chef even stressed the fact that you can “see the moldy bread” in the cheese.  Ewwww, that is supposed to make it appealing to people?  I am not a fancy cheese person but after trying lamb (and 4 glasses of wine) I didn’t have anything to lose.  I took a small piece of the tip, smeared it on the bread, and…almost threw up.  I felt like I was on fear factor.  It had a very smoky, gross flavor that I don’t care to taste again.

I stuck with several sliced of bread and butter and some water the get the taste out of my mouth.

The food was an experience in and of itself!  Most of the other people licked their plates clean (though many had finished their wine before the food came out so that may have something to do with it).

It was a great night and a perfect way to celebrate.  CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!

Me, Uncle Brian, Carney, Casey 2008

and I’m out.



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