I am officially in Waikiki 🙂

The Boston-Utah leg of the ride was squishy and hot.  Jack was not a happy camper, and since I was sitting next to him I wasn’t either!  I blogged a bit and played Scrabble on my itouch, but couldn’t seem to get into my books as mush as I would’ve liked.

Landing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Happy Jack landing on Utah

When this plane landed I would’ve just about pushed old ladies and kids over to get off that plane!

While waiting for our connecting flight, I had a bag of Cheeze-its (problem solved temporarily!).

The second leg (Utah to Hawaii) was 6+ hours of pure comfort.  There was plenty of leg room, spacious leather seating, and individual TV’s with current movies!

This plane carried more than 250 coach passengers to Hawaii

I watched several movies, which is very uncharacteristic of me!  I watched:

  • “When in Rome” with Kristin Bell and Josh Dumal
  • started and stopped “Alice in Wonderland” (what is up with that movie anyway?)
  • fell asleep/slept through “Date Night” with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell
  • “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (hey, all my kids read the books!)

I also snacked on countless bags of M&M’s and pretzels, read a little, played Scrabble a bit more, and napped.  Time went by pretty fast.

When we landed we were greeted with a traditional Hawaiian Lei.  See how cute we are? 😉

We are staying right on Waikiki Beach in the hotel where the original Hawaii Five-O was filmed.  It is called the Ilikai and while it isn’t very updated or modern it is perfect for what we need: a pool, a beach, and a place to sleep.

The grounds are covered in palm trees and bright flowers with lots of water features.

The best part?  My mom (THANKS MOM!) secretly upgraded our room from mountain view to ocean view.  My gosh, the view from our balcony on the 24th floor is breathtaking!

When we got all check-in and settled it was about 3:45p.m. here, which is almost 10 p.m. in Boston. Both Jack and I were energized, but hungry and kind of off if that makes sense.

What does one do in that situation?

Scope out Happy Hour 🙂

I had two Mai Tais for $6.00 and they were strong enough to help me realize I was very sleepy!

I also had a house salad and a grilled cheese made with cheddar cheese and served with chips and a pickle.  YUM!

Jack got the “Jack Burger”, dead serious, it was legit-ly on the menu.  I think it was basically a bacon-cheese burger.

After lunch we walked toward the water and the beach in front of our hotel.

There are HUGE fish in the water.  They are so big but they looked so hungry!

And what else did we come across?  A film crew shooting scenes for the NEW Hawaii Five-O in front of our hotel.  I thought for a second it was a CSI scene because of the dummy-dead-body and flipped over car.  The guy, Jin, from Lost is on it and we saw him getting ready for his scenes!

I mean I have only been in Hawaii a few hours and I am practically famous, just think of what the rest of the week will be like!

Well, now I am off for that nap (though it is 12:40 a.m. Boston time) that I have been dying for! A shower a little later, then dinner, and some more Hawaiian fun!

A hui hou (till we meet again (that’s Hawaiian))



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