Diamond Head Hike and Beach

Good afternoon peeps!  It is about 3:45 p.m. here in Waikiki and I have had a pretty great day so far!

Yesterday’s afternoon cat-nap ended up being my bed time!  I woke up around 3 a.m. Hawaii time and was wide awake.  I sat on our balcony to watch the sunrise- but I had to wait a pretty long time for it!

Around 5:45 I started waking Jack up because I wanted to eat some breakfast and head to Diamond Head State Monument by 7.  It is only about a mile hike but it gets HOT and very crowded so I wanted to beat the heat and other peeps! 😉

Breakfast was outdoors on the Ilikai Bar and Grill’s patio.

I got a Belgian Waffle with fresh strawberries.

Jack also got a bowl of fresh pineapple.

Hiking Diamond Head

I got a brochure when we got there that was full of info.  Let me share…

Diamond Head is a crater that was formed 300,000 years ago during a single, brief volcanic eruption.  It covers 350 acres and was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1968.

The trail to the summit of Diamond Head was built in 1908 as part of the U.S. Army Coastal Artillery defense system.  The original trail was designed for mule and foot traffic.

The concrete portion of the trail show below was recently installed to reduce trail erosion.  It only lasts for the flat first part of the trail.

From the trailhead to the summit of the Crater the hike is 0.8 miles one way and climbs 560 feet from the crater floor.

There were several concrete landings/look out points on the hike.  These use to be used as points to lift materials from the crater floor with a winch and cable system.

There were two sets of VERY STEEP stairs that we climbed.  The first had 74 steps, which led to a 225 foot tunnel through the side of the crater, and the second had 99 steep steps.

Stairway #1

We ran up stairway one.  I was pretty out of breath by the top of those stairs.  Trust me, I walked slowly up the remaining 99!

Each landing produced more breathtaking pictures than the one previous….

And then we reached the top.  Wowzas!

Don't mind the sweat dripping from my face please !

Just a few more pictures!   Gosh, when did I turn into a scenic-picture type of vacationer?

This much I can say: The pictures that I take on this trip just really will not do Oahu justice, you have really got to come here and see it to believe it!

After the hike we walked through what I would consider the “Newbury St.” in Oahu.  It had Fendi, Kate Spade, Coach, Tiffany’s, Cartier, all those kinds of stores…

We had lunch with one of Jack’s oldest and best friends (who we will also be have dinner with tonight so I will talk more about that later!).

I finished my afternoon, laying on a towel on the beach.  I could see Diamond Head from the distance…

We also hit up the hotel pool for a bit and did some reading.  One downside to the pool area?  No bar!  Which means I spent happy hour happily reading “The Book Thief” without a fruity drink in my hand.  I am sure I will enjoy plenty of them this week though.

Now I am going to check out the gym and go for a short run!




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