Old Friends and New Eats

Tonight we got a chance to meet up with on of Jack’s best friends E-V-E-R, Mike.  It has been a while since they have been able to hang out in person since Mike lives on Oahu!  I was so happy to finally meet him and his wife.

Before dinner (but after my run) I took a shower and while I got ready I sipped on a Hawaiian brewed beer by the company Kona Brewing Company.

I got a six-pack of the limited edition brew (available from March to December) for the room.  “Wailua Wheat” is brewed with passion fruit but is not the least bit fruity.

Only problem?  They WERE NOT twist tops, so I had to wait for the front desk to send up a bottle opener.

The picture is blurry, yes, but the beer?  Oh, that was heavenly…

I drank it on the balcony while checking out the very beginning of the sunset on Oahu.

Dinner was at the Ocean House, which is located in the Outrigger on Waikiki Beach.  The sunset was beautiful while we waited for drinks and our table.

I had a drink called a “lava Flow” while we waited to be seated.  It was a Pina Colada with pureed strawberries mixed in.  Oh, and served with a pineapple of course!

Very sweet...

We had a wonderful table for four with an AH-mazing ocean front view.

Mike ordered the table a bottle of Rodney Strong Merlot.  I had three-ish glasses throughout the meal.

We started with a trip to the salad bar which wasn’t too “salady” (meaning there was only lettuce, tomatoes, and salad dressing) because it had rice, purple potatoes, cheese and crackers, and rolls.

The concept of this restaurant was real simple: you picked it, then YOU grilled it. That’s right- we grilled our own meat!

I got chicken Teriyaki, Jack plain-old (BOOORING) grilled chicken and Mike and his wife spit a rib-eye steak.

Jack and I also split a baked potato (which we didn’t grill ourselves) and garlic bread.

And by “WE grilled our own meat” I mean Mike and Jack took charge of the grill.  YES!  Jack grilled our chicken tonight! He didn’t even burn the restaurant down and did quite a fantastic job!

and the food was totally edible in the end!

I have high hopes for Jack’s cooking abilities upon our return to Boston!

Now I am settling in for the night.  Someone (not me) didn’t put on sunscreen during our beach/pool time today and is feeling a little red.  Hmmmmm…..

The current view from our balcony-

So amazing!

Until tomorrow-



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