Pearl Harbor

I am seriously contemplating moving to Hawaii.  I mean, I would do it just so my friends and family would have a reason to come here often.  Seriously, I would take one for the team (I am good like that).

As I write I am sitting in blogger-heaven.  Let me paint a picture for you:

Ran around all day (details to follow), cracking a new, fun beer selection from the Island, listening to Hawaiian music, and looking out the balcony to a gorgeous view.

Ok, now that you are into my frame of mind, let’s go back to breakfast.

We went to ihop and got a nice seat outside.

Jack and I both tried their “new” mocha iced coffee.  In one word: ewww.  It was still kind of warm at the bottom and had a whole bunch of super sweet mocha flavoring floating on top.  I opted for a cranberry juice instead.

I also got two slices of whole-wheat French toast with hash browns and sliced bananas (I gave the floppy bacon to Jack).  Keeping with my theme of “occasional splurges” I used their very sweet and bad for you strawberry syrup.  I honestly in my life have NEVER ventured from their regular maple syrup.  What a treat 😉 , haha!  I ate the whole plate nonetheless!

Today Mike took us to Pearl Harbor.  I am not usually a “tourist attraction” type of person, but I don’t know what kind of American citizen I would be if I flew half way around the world and skipped it.  I men, this isn’t your typical tourist trap after all.

There is (obviously) a lot of history there.  The experience was very humbling.

When we got there we got out tickets for the ferry out to the U.S.S. Arizona.  It was on this ship that 1,177 members died.  Our ticket time was 2:15 so we first watched a 20 minute film that described the attack on Pearl Harbor.

From the film I was surprised to learn that when a radar reported a large number of aircrafts were fast approaching Pearl Harbor in the early morning of December 7, 1941, Kermit Tyler dismissed any fear thinking it was a fleet of U.S. planes returning from the mainland.

It was also interesting to think about how surprised the armed forces were when they were attacked.  On the deck of the U.S.S Arizona people were going about their daily duties and attending church services on the top deck.

The ferry ride to the Memorial was only about 5 minutes.  There is no cell phone use allowed to show respect.

The Memorial is three rooms.  The first is a hall of flags.  No pic.

The second is a room with 7 openings on each wall and 7 on the top to signify a 21 gun salute.  From this room you can see the sunken ship below the water as well as the parts that stick above the water.  The water is still oil slicked with oil leaking from the ship.

The third room was dedicated to the men who died when the ship was bombed.

Also, if someone was stationed on the Arizona but survived the attack, their remains can be brought back and placed in the ship by divers.

Tonight I am doing dinner with Jack and Mike then I am giving them some guy-catch up time.  I am a good girl friend like that 😉

See ya,



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