A piece of the North Shore

Jack and I got adventurous yesterday and ventured about an hour away from the hotel to Oahu’s North Shore.  The North Shore has amazingly beautiful beaches and is a world-renowned surf spot.

First stop was the Dole Plantation.

Since we left early and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast, I took the opportunity to get a pineapple float made with Dole pineapple juice and pineapple soft server.

It was very sweet, almost too sweet.  I didn’t eat very much because my cheeks puckered up with every bite.

Then we checked out some pineapples.

and some other cool scenery

Doesn’t it look like a painting?

We drove a bit more and ended  up stopping in the town of Haleiwa.  It was a cute little town with lots of local shops to putter around in.  It reminded me of the Hawaiian sister of Farmington (the town where I went to college in Maine).

We stopped in a local organics store which was very similar to a Trader Joe’s but not.  There was even a machine that was like a coffee grinder that ground peanuts to make fresh peanut butter.  Cool huh?

Of course we hit up a local wine shop too.  The wine was pretty expensive, though local.  We didn’t pick any up because their wine is made from fruits (similar to the Vermont vineyard I visited).

It was suggested I get a shaved Hawaiian Ice at Matsumoto’s which just happened to be in the area too.  The line was long.  I waited about 20 minutes.

There were lots of flavors but I chose for a rainbow one which was lemon, strawberry, and pineapple.

I don’t know what I was picturing but this shaved ice had so much flavored syrup on it I could feel it on the back of my teeth with just a couple of bites.  I begged Jack to try it too.

Haha, my thoughts exactly.  20 minutes in line + 3 bites = waste of time and money BUT worth a shot anyway!

We spent a little time on the beach after the shaved ice incident.

The water was cool and refreshing and you really couldn’t beat the view!  The current was pretty strong too and pulled you back and forth with the waves so we made sure to stick close to shore.

We have a little more exploring to do in that area tomorrow.  We want drive back there tomorrow and see the rest of it as long as we can extend the rental car a day.

Last night we met up with Mike and his girls to watch the fireworks on the beach.

Cool happenings: there was a Hawaiian Monk Seal that was resting on shore.  They are extremely endangered with only about 1,100 of them around the Island.  It was sleeping peacefully and every so often opening its eyes and sneezing.  The are was roped off with pink caution tape to keep it from being hurt or bothered.

It's alive, don't worry!


I am not liking that it is already Saturday.  I may have to blame everyone back home who wished for Friday all week.  How could you be so selfish?  Now my vacation in Hawaii is almost over because you got your Friday. 🙂  Kidding.

Tonight is a luau at Paradise Cove.

See ya



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