Hawaii: Luau

Hey there!  I have a little catching up to do with my trip posts, and post trip posts!  They will come in bits and pieces because

1- I am in superlazy, bummed out I am home- vacation mode

2- I have some family things to do tomorrow

3- I am leaving for my annual family trip to Maine this weekend


First of all- I hated coming home!  If anyone is going to Hawaii, 7 nights is just not enough.  When (yes, when not if) I go back I will stay longer and travel to different Islands while I am there.  I am also still in the process of getting back into the swing of things.  I am currently bumming that my vacation is already over!  Does anyone else get bummed when they get back from an amazing vacation?? I usually do which is why I made a conscious effort to enjoy every last second of Hawaii, but it didn’t make it easier 😦

Anyways, Saturday night we went to the luau at Paradise Cove which was recommended to us by Mike.  There are a lot of different luaus and packages in Oahu so we really appreciated the suggestions for where to go and what to get.

The luau check-in started at 5 and was about 45 minutes from Waikiki.  Jack and I set out around 4:15 and I manned the GPS while he drove.  Let’s just say, he will never give me that power again!

I accidentally typed in the address on the receipt, which was where we BOUGHT the tickets, not where the luau was.  Oooops!  We ended up driving to the Air Force Base!

When the mistake was figured out we promptly made a U-turn and headed to Paradise Cove.

We checked in and I got handed a freshly made mai tai (Jack some pineapple and cranberry juice) and pretty rock lei.

We walked around for a bit, checking out the gift shop and activities.  They also had several performances throughout the night.  The first was bringing in the fishing nets from the water.

Then there was a lot more dancing by hula girls in pretty red dresses.

And some guys dressed up as someone… I am not sure who though..they didn’t dance, they just stood there…

We also watched them pull the pig out of the ground.

We also had an awesome view of the sunset.

Dinner was a buffet that included fried chicken, macaroni salad, white rice, roast pork, salad, and a few other things I can’t recall, sorry!  We were like 3rd in line for the buffet so I loved not having to wait long and getting my food before all the rest of the people got near it.  Buffets kinda make me queasy.

The chicken was dark meat so I didn’t eat it but the salad was crisp and had a lemon-poppy seed dressing, yum!  The dessert was a banana bread with coconut frosting, fresh pineapple, and chocolate cake.  You really can’t go wrong with chocolate cake, the frosting was heavenly!

After dinner we moved from our table because it was so far away from the stage and sat on a little rock wall by the beach.

The show began with a little skit about Hawaiian culture or something and then turned to a lot of dancing.  There was even a fire dancer.  There was a lot of crowd participation in a hula lesson and in a partner dance.  I stayed FAR away from that.  I am not a crowd participator.  I like to enjoy from the sidelines 🙂

All in all a pretty good night.  I loved the drive home most because the mountains were illuminated with the street lights from the cities and made them appear like they were twinkling.

Next post is of our second trip to the North Shore including Turtle Bay and the drive down Highway 3.

Stay Tuned!


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