Hawaii: North Shore Take II

On Sunday I woke up immediately dreading the begging of the end!  Jack and I kept the rental car for one more day so we could return to the North Shore and complete our loop around Oahu.  When we went to the shore Friday we only went halfway, then turned back so we were told to go back and experience it all.

A brief description of the North Shore:

“From the vast pineapple plantations near Wahiawa, to the tropical orchards of Waialua, to the more than colorful atmosphere of Haleiwa town, there’s plenty to do and see. Travel down the road and you come upon the world-renowned beaches of Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and of course Waimea Bay. Take a hike in Waimea Valley or explore Peacock Flats in Mokuleia on the Waianae Range. Stop by a roadside stand in Kahuku and pick up a fresh papaya or savor a fresh catch shrimp plate. Catch an authentic Polynesian canoe pageant at the Polynesian Cultural Center and you have the makings of a fun-filled time on the North Shore.”  (SOURCE)

We drove past the Dole Plantation and the town of Haleiwa where we visited Friday.  There were so many beach spots and we had no idea how to pick where to stop.  The one annoying thing was that we only had beach towels and not chairs so we wouldn’t be comfortable to stay and hang out for long.  The first spot we stopped was in a residential area.  We walked down an access road and came to a long stretch of empty beach.

We didn’t spend to long before we were on our way to see more.  We drove for a bit until we hit Turtle Bay.  Turtle Bay is a resort with beach access and it was where we parked our happy little butts for the day.  First we ate lunch with a view:

Jack even convinced a hotel worker to unlock us two beach chairs so we could lay on the beach and read until our heart’s content.  It was a warm but breezy day.

I watched the sun a lot this day.  I watched it travel over one shoulder to the other.  I knew the day was slipping away.  I didn’t want to go!  We stayed at Turtle Bay for almost 4 hours and I loved every second of it.  It was the longest we sat out while we were on the Island and I live for laying out 🙂  I even finished my book “The Book Thief”.

When leaving we headed back toward Waikiki by following a road.  We drove by other surf spots and beaches as well as schools, small shops, and restaurants.

We drove by the Kualoa Ranch where the filmed lost too!

Highway 3 went straight through one of the mountains!  The drive was so scenic and breath taking.  I kept my window down most of the time and stared out at the mountains and ocean as we traveled.

Sunday night Mike invited us over for his family’s Sunday dinner.  It was nice to see residential Hawaii.  His house had nice outdoor space with a table set up with a candle and some wine.  I love wine 😉

Dinner was tasty with a lot of fruity Island-y flavors: pineapple sausage, chicken teriyaki, sweet pork ribs, teriyaki hamburgers, macaroni salad, and white rice.  I drank a glass of wine and had a couple of beers and finished the night with an ice-cream cone.

Mike's daughter, Lillian

I didn’t take many pics Sunday night, but if you see the happiness on his 1-year-old’s face, you can imagine how good of a night it was!  I feel like in Hawaii life can’t be anything but good!

Hawaii was my favorite vacation I have been on so far.  Jack and I have been to Aruba, Jamaica, and Mexico and we agree that Hawaii is the place to be.  The flight home was long (it was overnight) but I didn’t sleep much.  The time change was weird.  I did catch these pics out the window of the sun setting (rising?) on our way home.

Ahhh, the memories…..



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