Welcome Back to Meeee

Hello all! I know I have been noticeably absent from the blog world since Hawaii but I think I have finally pinpointed what I can credit this absence too: laziness and post-vacation blues!  I mean, it takes so long to finally get into a routine and only one short week for it to all fall apart.  And no matter how much I begged, Jack wouldn’t let me stay in Hawaii…

You can't tell me he doesn't look like a native Hawaiian 😉

….and I was on a family vaca in Maine for a week and I enjoyed my time there Internet free! 😉

Me, and my cousins Brendan, Casey, and Carney

Me, Casey, Carney (and Brendan giving us bunny ears, he's mature like that)

OH, and it took me five days to write this post (not because of the content but just because it took me that long)!  I am sure you all realize that busy people get things done and since I haven’t been too busy I haven’t been getting much done.  (Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU in advance for your understanding!)

AND now that I am back I am facing the reality that I need to get back into the swing of things.

~School starts in a few weeks (I know how bad you probably all feel for me, but try to remember what it was like as a kid and summer was ending, I have that same feeling!)

~I have a new classroom to move into and a new grade level curriculum to prepare (I am officially a math teacher!)

~I have a hallow leg which is causing me to eat everything under the sun and an insatiable thirst for wine and fruity beer.

~My workouts have been almost nonexistent ( I have done weights 4 times since before Hawaii)

and running has given me shin splints (because I am THAT out of routine).

Obviously, I am in DIRE NEED to get back into routine, but it really isn’t easy!  I have found that working out takes getting use to and sometimes it seems like a nuisance!  I can use almost any excuse to try to get out if it once I am out of routine.  With that being said, I also know that many of my excuses don’t hold true.

EXAMPLE 1: “I’m too tired” (I’ve found, that contrary to popular belief, it gives me more energy and a huge burst of contentedness and self-esteem!)

EXAMPLE 2: “I’m just not in the mood” (Working out leaves me with a “high” which,for me, is an instant mood booster.  I am a firm believer that a workout of some sort should precede all important events.  Smiles all around! 🙂 )

EXAMPLE 3: “Well, I haven’t worked out all week, what is the point of going for only one day” (AHHHHH, you can not have an all-or-nothing-mentalitiy when it comes to your fit life (this includes diet too!) every little bit counts)

What excuses do you use to get out of a sweat session?  How often are you able to talk yourself out of your excuse and get moving?  What motivates you to get your butt in gear?

I have been really trying to find a balance in my life between eating, working out, and living a normal life since last November and have found that there have been a few occasions where the motivation dwindles and the excuses are enough to keep me from moving.

Here are my tips for getting back into the swing of things (or if you are getting INTO the swing of things this is a good place to start!)

  1. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN– It is important to schedule time in your day for exercise.  I sit down during the weekend and evaluate work duties and personal commitments for the upcoming week and then plan in gym and running sessions.  Setting the time and place will help you hold yourself accountable for the workout (and help you realize that you really aren’t “too busy” to workout).  It also lets you know how much time you have to spend on your activity.  I typically like working out during the off-peak times at the gym so I tend to like morning workouts but when running I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to plan early a.m. or evening to avoid the high heat and humidity of the summer.  Finally, don’t forget to know WHAT you will be doing! I think the worst workouts I have ever had stem from heading to the gym with no plan of attack.  Decide if you are doing cardio or strength training (or both) or taking a class so your workout will be effective!
  2. PREPARATION IS KEY! I am a prepare-a-holic when I am on top of my fit game!  This prep includes meals, snacks, clothing, music choice, and workout selection.  This is especially important when hitting up the gym for a 5:30 a.m. gym session.  Preparation allows you just pick up and go when you need to and also allows you to mentally know what to expect for the next day.  I start my prep with my meals and snacks.  I have found that eating every 4-5 hours keeps my energy level and mood stable throughout the day.  I eat breakfast first thing when I wake up (whether I am hungry or not) and have a snack around 10, lunch around 12:30, another snack at 3 pm, and dinner around 6.  I know when my munchies are going to hit me so I make sure to pack myself a healthy and filing snack before leaving the house.  The night before a gym session (especially an early morning one) I make sure all my clothes are packed and ready to go.  I even plan what I will wear to the gym!  Music selection usually pertains to when I do cardio because it is my main source of motivation (unless I am taking a class or have company for a run).  I like to mix up the songs depending on the time of my run and my mood.  I try to make sure I select songs I won’t want to skip over during a run and arrange them on a playlist so they can take me through the phases of a run: warm-up, run, and cool down.
  3. SET A GOAL (or two)- Goals are the ultimate source of motivation.  They should be manageable and challenging but do-able and attainable.  To start off (or get back into routine) a goal could be just to get to the gym 4 days a week to strength train or run three days a week for at least 20 minutes. When your fit life starts to evolve and those original goals are habit (i.e. you make it to the gym four days with little to no problem) then you can re-evaluate and set new ones.  In addition to forming good habits through goals though you can easily find yourself just moving through the motions once a routine is set.  This isn’t good because you can’t grow (or shrink?!) much physically when you are doing the same exercises at the same pace and weight for an extended period of time.  For this reason, it is wise to use goals to constantly switch things up and target different aspects of your fit life (eating and exercising).  Goals can bring you to the “next” level, keep you interested, and keep being fit FUN!

My plan of attack using my three steps above will come in a later post.  It has to do with switching up weights, incorporating a couple of classes like spin, Body Pump, and yoga (I mean it this time), and a possible 10K race this fall, but I don’t have any concrete plans just yet.  To be honest I really just need to get back to my 4 day strength training and 3 days of running first!

On that note, I am going to skidaddle and get ready for some drinks with my ladies.

It is good to be back.  I honestly missed getting my writing on for y’all!



PS- don’t forget to tell me your excuses and motivations for getting you butt in gear!


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