Getting Back into the Swing of Things

What crazy weather we had today here in Boston! It was raining and a bit chilly when I left the house at 7 a.m. and by the time 2 p.m. rolled around the sun was pushing its way through the clouds and the humidity shot through the roof.  I do not generally enjoy the slimy feeling on my face and back when it gets humid 😦  But then again, I am not sure too many people do!

*dramatization* I definitely don't wear pearls, ha

ANYWAY- I spent today running around doing errands and sweating my butt off so I am counting that as my workout.

I actually knew that it was going to be a busier day than I am used to this time of year (I only had like two things to do but neither was laying in the sun) so I made sure I went to the gym yesterday to hit the weights and do some cardio.  It was actually nice to WANT to be at the gym yesterday afternoon as a spur of the moment decision. Sometimes the downside of planning your gym sessions is planning your gym sessions, know what I mean? Most of the time it helps me mentally prepare but sometimes is stops me dead in my tracks (the latter has been happening A LOT since Hawaii).

Going yesterday reminded me of how empty the gym is around noon on Sundays and I really enjoyed having space to myself.

As I said I was going to, I spent much of this weekend thinking about all the workouts I have been skipping since getting back and I am happy to say that I think I have gotten my motivation back!  Last week my gym buddy and I were on opposite schedules so I had to force myself to get up and at it.  To be honest, it may have been what I needed!  Sometimes there is no substitution for having to drag yourself to the gym.  Because nobody is responsible for my health but me it was important to me mentally to get myself there (as opposed to doing it for someone else if that makes sense).

On Friday I shared with you my three steps to getting back into the swing of things. The three steps (planning, prepping, and setting goals) have really helped me get back at it in the past.  I’d like to share my P.O.A (plan of action, peeps!)

1) PLANNING MY WEIGHTS: I am going to be doing my gym sessions around 10 in the morning four days a week for a few weeks until school starts.  The gym sessions will be broken into four-day splits where I will focus on one to two muscles groups per day (and abs three days): back and triceps, chest and biceps, legs, and shoulders (details to follow).

2) PLANNING CARDIO:  My cardio has been lagging more than my strength training and for that reason I know I need to switch it up and/or find a focus.  I really enjoy running but I haven’t challenged myself with it much.  First I want to note that I DO NOT WANT TO BE FASTER (yet)!  I am not looking to win races, but I do want to run LONGER. And that is where the exciting (for me) part comes in!  I am going to sign up for a 10K race with my sights on a half-marathon! I am already pretty sure I could make the six miles already but I found a training plan I want to use so I can do it up right!  I also like how the plan I found incorporates running, cross training, strength training and stretching (which I don’t do regularly, bad Lisa).  So I am going to start the 8 week plan Monday and then I am on the search to find a 10K sometime toward the end of October.

3) GOALS: a 10k!

In food news, I made myself some gingerbread tonight using a mix made by Hodgson Mill.

Minimal ingredients on the label is a plus and it was super easy to make: add milk, butter, egg.  Mix and bake!  I added chocolate chips (duh!) and am anticipating my cup of tea and a huge warm slice of gingerbread 🙂  YUM!  I love my sweet tooth!

On a final note tomorrow is THE DAY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!  It is Ray Day!  Months ago I got Ray-D.D when I found out he was coming to Boston to play two shows with David Gray.  I can’t believe that show is tomorrow!  I am going with Maureen and Amy on Tuesday and then with Jack on Wednesday.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight.

Any 10K words of advice??  or races you can suggest??




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