Letting the Universe Guide You….


I have no idea where my Thursday went!  I basically woke up in a panic at 9:50 thinking I would get a parking ticket (2 hour parking starts at 8), rushed to get ready, shoved a Luna Bar down my throat and headed to the gym.

Interestingly enough, I unintentionally drove past the gym and ended up at Target? Huh, well, I believe the Universe wanted me to buy something. So I did!

The new Ray CD “God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise”.  Actually, I had to go to Best Buy because Target didn’t have it (WTF Target, seriously!)

I love the CD already because after seeing him two nights live I got a good feel for a few of the songs.  I love all of them and think this is his best CD yet. 🙂  You definitely need to check it out NOW, please! And let me know what you think…

Last night I was so excited to go to the show again.  It was so fun taking Jack because he only listens to Ray when I make him listen in my car.  He really thought he was great.  He also loved David Gray!

The crowd was so into both sets and at the end they played TWO ENCORE songs together!  The first was David’s “In the Morning” and the second was a cover of the Beatles’ song “Dig a Pony”.  Perfect ending to a perfect night!

If the pictures look blurry it is probably because you need glasses, because they are crystal clear to me.  Haha….my camera was not working with me last night..

Before the show we went to Morton’s in Boston’s Seaport.  It is restaurant week so we got a salad, entrée, side, and dessert for $33.10 a piece.  We got a great table overlooking the ocean on the patio.

We started with their onion crusted bread and butter

I got a Caesar salad

Petite filet (cooked medium) and mashed potatoes.

I also enjoy a Raspberry Pineapple Mor-tini (get it?!) and a glass of white wine.

Moving on…

I met Amy at the gym at 11 and came to the conclusion that it was quite possible I was still sleeping.  My eyes were heavy and I didn’t want to move a muscle.  But I did.  Well, my back and triceps muscles at least.

Tonight for dinner I made some eggplant, which I baked and breaded and served it with whole wheat angel hair pasta.  Yum.  I used some sauce I froze before I left for Maine and it was the perfect spur if the moment meal.  I even made Jack his favorite pasta too! (Light sauced ziti with melted mozzarella cheese).

In a bit I am headed for drinks with some of my teacher friends who I am sure in as much disbelief that school starts a week from Monday!  After this weekend I got to get my boot-ay into the school and look at my new curriculum!




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