A Run and a Recap

Happy Saturday folks!  It is a beautiful day out there despite all the gloom and doom forecasting we got throughout the Boston area the past few days.  Hurricane Earl turned out to be a few light, quick showers and I am OK with that!


This morning I woke up and went for a run through Charlestown, into the North End, and back. The loop was just over 3 miles and it is the first time I have run outside in a long time.  It felt good. Tough, but good.  I need to get back into hydrating before runs, especially when it is kind of warm and very sunny.

Now I am getting ready to head to Beverly for my friend Holly’s wedding tomorrow.  Jack and I decided to make a weekend out of it so we are going up this afternoon.  Our hotel is near Cape Ann and Salem so we have lots of outdoor activity options and one of my goals is to find a good fall beer to sip on a restaurant patio….any good suggestions???

Since she is getting married tomorrow I thought there would be no better time than now to recap her bachelorette party!

The Saturday before I left for Hawaii I had the pleasure of partaking in the bachelorette festivities for my friend Holly.

The picture above was from my trip to Vermont back in April.  I got to catch up with Holly and meet her fiance Rick.  They are a super cute couple!

Holly and I met my freshman year at the University of Maine, Farmington and I have some really great memories of us from all four years up there that include dinners, parties, and plenty of beer 🙂  Unfortunately digital cameras didn’t exist when I was in school (at least I didn’t have one) so I can’t post any fun old-school pics right now.

We spent the afternoon of her bachelorette at Carson Beach in Southie.  The weather was perfectly warm and super sunny.  I heart the beach, especially with a good group of girls!

While relaxing and sunning myself I sipped on a refreshing cocktail of raspberry stoli, some other kind of liquor,and a mix of juices.  It has been over a month since the party so I don’t really remember anything but the fact that it was sweet and cold.

Lunch was cold cut sammies.  I had turkey and cheese on a whole wheat bun with a whole bunch of Doritos and a pickle on the side.  We packed up and headed home to shower and get ready for the evening’s festivities.  There was a great spread of pre-dinner snacks and beverages.

There were garlic triscuts (my new fav obsession), crackers, and a few different cheeses…

Chips and salsa….

and I had a beer.

We also poured some champagne for a toast.  Problem was that bottle was put in the freezer to chill, and ended up freezing!  Yikes!  When we finally popped the cork it exploded  slushy champagne all over Lindsay’s apartment.  Not to self: don’t freeze champagne!

Lindsay, Ashley (M.O.H), Holly, Andrea

Lindsay and Ashley got her an authentic Hawaiian lei flown in from the island.  It was beautiful (and I got one just like it a few days later) and smelled so nice!

She looked so pretty with it on!  So much more her style than a devil-horned veil!

We had a couple of beers, finished the champagne and snacks, and called a couple of cabs to drive us to Marina Bay in Quincy.

We took lots of pics on our way to the restaurant

We had dinner reservations at Siro’s which is right on the docks overlooking the water.  It was a perfect summer night and it was packed so we took the table inside.

We all started with a martini.  I forget the name of the one I got but it was fruity and I definitely liked it.  I garnished it with one of the flowers that fell off Holly’s lei.

The menu included a ton of appetizers which were a large enough portion for us to have for dinner.  I split tomato and mozzarella salad with Lindsay.  It had red and yellow beef steak tomatoes with the buffalo mozzarella, and basil.  It was also drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.  It was so fresh and summer-y.

For dinner I got the beef tenderloin risotto.  I LOVE risotto.  When I make it I usually end up rolling it in breadcrumbs and putting cheese in the middle to make arancini (recipe part 1 and part 2), but keeping it as risotto and adding tender beef to the top is a novel idea 😉

This is supposed to be an appetizer!

It was delicious and now that I am thinking about it, I should try to recreate this at home!

After dinner we walked down the docks and stopped in for a couple of beers at one of the outdoor bars.  I had a couple of Bud Light drafts.  Draft beer is refreshing but very filling.

Then we headed to the Ocean Club which used to be “Waterworks”.  It is a very large, outdoor bar with cabanas, volleyball court with sand flown in from Aruba, and live music.  It is open during the day as well as the night.  When we went it wasn’t too busy, which was nice because we didn’t have to wait long for our drinks from the bar 🙂

Lots of beers were enjoyed, shots taken, and picture-taking……

It was really great to celebrate with Holly!

We had some fun when waiting for a cab too…

It was the camera taking blurry pics, not my lack of skills FYI.

he night was so fun and I can’t wait until tomorrow to catch up with everyone again.

Congrats Holly!

Until Later,



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