Fight Gone Bad

I am going to make this post short and sweet and to the point…

I got a hot bowl of home-made beef stew siting in front of me and I need to eat it and go to bed…  I am not sure how much longer my legs will allow my body to move….

I just got back from my first Crossfit class, and let me tell you friends, Crossfit rocks my world...

HOLY COW!!!! 8)

I was extremely nervous to take my first class because:

1) I didn’t know anyone else in class

2) I wasn’t sure what to expect

Good thing Crossfit thought of these fears before me:

1) Tristan, my onbaording trainer, was the instructor for tonight’s class.  Ok, I kinda jumped at the chance to sign up for class when I noticed he was the instructor, BUT it was still pretty frightening walking into a room with 5 guys already waiting for class to start. Thank goodness two other ladies showed up so I wasn’t the only one! (I introduced myself to them right away and they were so friendly and welcoming to the “newbie”)

2) They post their WOD (workout of the day) on their Facebook page the night before so I was able to obsessively research each movement on You Tube.  A girl’s got to feel prepared!


Tonight’s workout was titled “Fight Gone Bad” and it consisted of 5 exercises you preformed for 1 minute each.  I had to do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in that time and my reps were kept score on the white board at the front.

There were 8 of us in the class so we got paired up so that we were each starting at a different station each round.

We got a 1 minute break after rounds 1 and 2, and a 2 minute break after rounds 3 and 4.

WOD- Fight Gone Bad

  • Wall Ball (10lbs)
  • Sumo squat deadlift (20lbs)
  • box jumps (20 inch box)
  • push press (35lbs)
  • jump pull-up

I got paired up with another Crossfit instructor, which was cool.  But you want to know the best part? NO ONE EVEN PAYS ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING…everyone is busy busting their own ass in an effort to beat their previous rep. amount.  The only competition was between me, myself, and I tonight. Tristan told us to stay in the 5 rep range from the previous rounds for each new round.

Round 1- 65

Round 2- 66

Round 3- 72 (go me!)

Round 4- 63 (not in the range but at least I didn’t puke!)

Round 5- 72 (finished strong)

They took the top 3 rep amounts and totaled it up.

I was very proud of myself after class was over.  First because every time I didn’t think I could do one more rep, I did one more rep. (I made a conscious effort to not tire myself out early, but still to push myself as much as possible).  But most important of all, I did something I wanted to try, without anyone else!  Big steps toward one of my New Year’s goals!

I heart Crossfit!  It is just the thing I needed to spice up my fit-life and get me seeing those amazing results I was seeing last summer!

How are you coming with your goals for the year?  January is almost over!

Off to eat, then crash (possibly on the couch, haha),



All “On”-board!

Well hello there!

I am currently dreading my weekly trip to the grocery store.  I hate food shopping for two main reasons:

1) I am so bored with eating and cooking the same meals

2) I hate the act of bringing all the groceries up and putting them away.

So I will buy myself a little more time and blog about my Saturday 🙂


Yesterday morning I was up an at ’em to hit up Crossfit for my 4th and final onboarding session.  I am not going to lie, I love having the one-on-one aspect of the onboarding sessions.  I feel extremely comfortable with Tristan, my trainer/onboarder.  He is so patient and encouraging, which was important, especially yesterday, when I was having a hard time getting into the workout mentally.

The main skill I am working on, that seems to be needed to do many of the Crossfit-style moves, is this “explosive motion” that comes from your hips.  This “explosive motion” can be described two ways:  think of it as jumping, but without coming off the floor OR like humping the air.  I have tried both ways and probably only get it 1 out of every 3 times I try.  Tristan seems to believe I may think about it too much, which is quite possible considering I think of EVERYTHING too much!  I just really want to be able to do everything like now!

We reviewed the moves from session 2 that used the Olympic training bar so we could build up to doing the Olympic Clean.

  • Overhead Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Back Squat
  • Shoulder Press
  • Deadlifts
  • Olympic Clean

Like I said before, the Olympic Clean was more mentally challenging for me because I felt like I just wasn’t getting it.  Tristan slowed things down, broke the move up for me in several different ways, and eventually I was able to pull it all together to do something that resembled the Olympic Clean.

Let’s just say I definitely have more practice to do with it, but the foundation is there at least!

Tomorrow night I am taking my first Crossfit class and I am very excited to get over my “going to a class by myself” fear.

Roll On, Roll On

After Crossfit I headed to BSC to hit up the treadmill for 5 miles.  The weather in Boston has been way too icy and frigid to run outside which is a huge bummer, but at least for now I don’t mind running longer distances indoors.

BSC was packed and that didn’t make me happy either.  I hate having people stare me down while I am running.

The first couple miles were pure torture.  I couldn’t find any songs I wanted to run too and my pace was slower than I would’ve liked.  But after I warmed up I increased my speed a bit and got into the zone.

Date Night

Then Jack and I headed to the Bullfinch Hotel to use a coupon I bought off the site “Buy With Me”.  I thought it would be a nice stay-cation type of night.


We checked in and headed to the North End for dinner at Fiore.


It was delicious 🙂  I got eggplant parm and Jack got (his newly named) “Irish parm” which is chicken parm with a garlic butter sauce as opposed to marninara.  Ya, I thought it was weird too!  The  waiter actually told us the chef, who was from Rome, was trying to refuse to make the dish like that, haha!

Jack ate every last crumb.

Our last stop for the night was supposed to be the movies to see “Black Swan”, but when we got there it was sold out.  Grrrrr….

Well, we decided to head to the Colonial Theater to see if we could get tickets to see “Jersey Boys”.  We ended up with third row seats for the performance. It was awesome (especially because I may not be able to see from far distances very well). I had seen the show before but it was still amazing.  I forgot how many songs I knew by The Four Seasons!

We walked back to the hotel after the show and ultimately decided we would rather be home.

So we checked out.

Now the only question is:  did the women who checked us out 5 hours after she checked us in think I was a hooker or a mistress? haha


3 Things I am currently Loving

1) Spending a 90% of my free time on EVERY travel website looking for the perfect, tropical February vacation.  At this point I am willing to give my first born to get someplace warm for a decent price.

Besides, who doesn’t feel healthier with a tan and fruity drink in hand!

2)  When you love every single song on a CD.  One of these albums for me is the “Songs About Jane” by Maroon 5.  I love that last night I popped it in the CD player and still remembered the word to every song despite the fact that I haven’t listened to it in a looonnnggg time.  I enjoyed singing them all at the top of my lungs while driving down Route 1 during rush hour.  I hope I entertained other drivers as much as I entertained myself.


FAST FACT:  I used to have the most die-hard obsession with Adam Levine.  I came thisclose to actually meeting him after a concert, but let’s just say my good morals were not appreciated by one of his assistants. 😉

3) Running…to relax…to get energized…to clear my head…to organize my thoughts…to prepare for a race…for just plain fun…OR….for wine….

All I know is that all these snow days are making me want to run and never stop.  I have already signed up for one race today, and I am scared that I will be signed up for three more by the days end….

Maybe I should do something a little more productive…

The mall is definitely calling my name.

What are 3 things you are loving today???

Happy Friday!


What Day is it???

Rants and Raves

It took me almost the entire school day today to realize that today is, in fact, Wednesday.  Not Tuesday (as I had thought all morning) or Thursday (as I thought this afternoon).  It is just plain, old Tuesday, blah!  I personally feel like Tuesdays are like vanilla ice cream.  I’ll eat it when there’s no other flavor to choose from, but it wouldn’t be my first choice otherwise.  What would Monday be you ask?  Probably this garlic flavored ice cream from China.  I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole..



Moving on.. 🙂

My day was hectic and by the time I got home (4:35) I had to change faster than Superman in a phone booth and head straight to Crossfit for my third onboarding session, which I rescheduled for today.

Luckily, I had my gym bag packed (in an attempt to get myself to the gym yesterday) so I didn’t have to go crazy looking for an outfit.

Obviously I rocked my new layering tanks.  Today I wore black pants, my gray layering tank, and a pink Under Armour long sleeve shirt my mom gave me for Christmas.

I didn’t have time to even stop and chat with Jack on my way out the door, but I did have time to enjoy half a Clif Mojo bar.

These things are quite delectable.  Sweet and salty.  Kinda like a chocolate covered pretzel, but in place of chocolate would be peanut butter chips.

I eat half of a bar or a full bar about 45 minutes before a run or other exercise as my main source of pre-workout fuel.


Onboarding session 3 was pretty cool, and the movements we worked on today were mostly nothing I have ever done before.  The things I had done, I had been doing wrong, so it was good to practice the “right” form.  The 45ish mins FLEW by.  Tristan is an amazing trainer!  He doesn’t take any of my “I don’t think I can do this” crap.

Today we worked on the following (and I did my best to remember them all):

  • 500 m row
  • Light stretching
  • Box Jump progression
  • Kettlebells: Russian Swing, transfer, and Crossfit style
  • Burpee
  • Mountain Climbers
  • GHD sit ups and back extension
  • Ring dip (with modifications)
  • Wall ball shots
  • Medicine ball clean (I think.  If not this something with the medicine ball)
  • Skin the Cat

The workout (though I only did one set of about 5 for each) made me sweat and definitely raised my heart rate.  I am sure they make for a challenging workout!  I won’t talk about all the moves listed but there were a few I found extra challenging and just plain fun.

1) Kettlebells.

I have never used them before, and what surprised me most was the power to lift the kettlebell is NOT supposed to come from the arms and shoulders.  it is supposed to come from the “explosive movement” created by thrusting your hips forward (think of this “explosive movement” as jumping, but without actually lifting your feet off the ground).  I could feel it in my core for sure!


2) Skin the Cat.

Wow.  I had googled this before and automatically told myself I would NEVER be able to do it.  I didn’t even want to try it.  I started closer to the ground, and it wasn’t as slow and controlled as the video below was (My technique was more of a try-to-do-a-backflip with legs flailing and hope-that-you don’t-let-go-of-the-ring-in-the-process), but it was a start.  I can’t wait to be a bad-ass and do the real thing!

I scheduled my fourth and final session for Saturday afternoon.  I am dying to take a class but I am still a little anxious, but after my onboarding sessions are over I got to just DO IT! Hopefully I will be able to find a class that Tristan teaches because he is very professional, knows a lot about everything and is patient and encouraging.

Roll on, Roll on

After, I went to BSC for a 4.5 miles run on the treadmill.  Unfortunately the place was JAMMED, and there was not one treadmill to be seen.  I found myself eyeing the times on each machine and gave dirty looks behind the backs of the people who went over the “30 minute limit during peak hours”.

When I did get one, my legs felt as heavy as lead and I ran at a 12 minute pace for just about 2 miles.  I couldn’t get my legs to move any faster, or any longer.  My muscle soreness from Monday’s Crossfit session didn’t set in until last night and with the work I did today my legs were toast.


Good Eats

What makes sore legs and a bad run better?


I grabbed some Chinese food for dinner. I had beef with broccoli, no beef, extra broccoli (dead serious that’s how I usually order it).  I also had a bunch of white rice, smothered in some of the dark sauce, and started with a bowl of Hot and Sour soup (I only eat the broth though!).

Now I am finishing up this post and heading to bed.  This cold weather is for the birds and I need to be under the covers ASAP.

How are we feeling about the new headings for different sections of the post?  I am looking for ways to make W.B.A more readable.  Thoughts?? Suggestions??





It’s T-Shirt Time!

I am by no means complaining, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like I haven’t been to school in like a zillion years.  I don’t mind the time off so much as I mind being out of a routine.  I do not do well with the staying up later, sleeping longer, and feeling relaxed 24/7 part of this whole thing!  With that being said- you must remind me that I feel this way next week when I am whining and wishing for another snow day.

Is anyone else a routine person?  If so you MUST know what I am talking about!


After an entire weekend of eating entirely too much and drinking more than usual, I had a hard time getting up and motivated to do much.  It amazes me how tired one can still feel even after sleeping for a solid 8 to 10 hours a night! Fortunately for me though, I had scheduled my second onboarding session at Crossfit.  I wasn’t as nervous about today’s session as I was for Saturday’s (thank goodness) and was eager to get started.

In case you are wondering, these onboarding sessions (as I see them) are to get me familiar with all the different movements I will encounter once I take a Crossfit class and to just give me a general understanding of what Crossfit is all about.  They are one-on-one sessions so I am able to ask a ton of questions and really learn correct form at my own pace.

Crossfit suggests doing at least one onboarding session before starting, and I bought 4.  I think I should be all set 🙂

My session on Day 1 was all about the basics, and today, for the first time, I used an Olympic training bar!


Today’s session was as follows:

  • 500 m row to warm up
  • Front squat
  • Back Squat
  • Push Press
  • Overhead Squat
  • Deadlift with Olymipc bar

We started by practicing the moves with a piece of PVC pipe to help me practice the correct form.  Then I did the same move using a 15lb Olympic bar.  I did 5 reps of each with just the bar.  After we headed over to the training bar rack and I did each of the above off the rack with the 45lb Olymipc bar and some weight added to the squats.  Holy heavy and difficult!

I am ADDICTED to getting better at everything I have tried so far! I want to be a Crossfit All-star soooooo badly!

And as for the deadlifts, I never knew how technical they were!


All in all, all the moves are technical and when I focus on where my shoulders should be then my butt gets out of place, and vice versa.  Slowly but surely I will get it, and I am telling ya- I can’t wait for it all to come together!

I have already scheduled my third session for Thursday after school and CAN’T WAIT to try out my first Crossfit class Saturday morning!

After Crossfit I felt super-motivated and headed to BSC for a 3.5 mile run on the treadmill.  I finished it in a little over 30 minutes so I didn’t feel like I hated running indoors as much as I usually do.  I will say that listening to my power song (Eminem “Till I Collapse”) three times really helped the time fly by at the end!

After a quick lunch with some friends I headed to Target and Old Navy to find myself some new workout clothes.  I had to finally admit to myself that my white under-tank for working out is actually gray and needs to be replaced.

See, I am a layer-er.  When ever I get dressed to run or hit the gym (or basically do anything) I always need a snug under-tank to go under my shirt.  This under tank needs to be long enough to be seen below the over shirt like so:

Please excuse the dingy-ness, but you get the point right?

At Target I found some cotton, dri-fit Champion tanks on sale for $9.99, so I bought one in every color they had because that is how I roll. 😉

Then I headed to Old Navy and found two fun tanks in bright spring patterns and colors.  I am so going to rock these to like now.

As for tonight, I may go to the movies (if Jack can find a way to get me off the couch) and then watch a special Monday night episode of the Jersey Shore.  I bet Pauly D can relate to my need for layers

“It’s T-Shirt Tiiiiiiime!”

How was your Monday???



So one of my goals this year is to “go it alone” and today I did something brand new for me, all by myself.

Today I went for my first onboarding session for Crossfit.

What is Crossfit you ask?

Their website describes it perfectly:  “Crossfit is constantly varied functional movement at high intensity. Crossfitters enhance mind and body in all 10 domains of fitness: Cardio/Resipiratory endurance, Speed, Agility, Stamina, Strength, Power, Accuracy, Balance, Flexibility, and Coordination. We specialize in not specializing.”

Check out their video:

I have been toying with the idea of trying it out for some time now (Ali at FoodFitnessFashion joined and I have been drooling over her class by class recaps), but I have been too scared to try it on my own.  Well, there is no time like the present friends, and after sitting on my arse for the second snow day this week (and not even wanting to head to the gym) I knew I NEEDED to try something different.

I signed up for an Onboarding 4 pack.  And I got a teacher discount.  Discounts rule!

The onboarding sessions are a way for me to learn proper techniques for moves that will be done regularly in class, and also a way to get used to the Crossfit format.

This isn’t your normal step-aerobics class! Oh no it isn’t.

Today I had a one-on-one session with one of the trainers.

We started with the basics:  air squats, sit-ups, pull ups, push ups, and using the row machine.  I was taught several different modifications for exercises (and believe me, I need all the modifications I can get in the pull-up department).  Tristan, my trainer, answered a lot of my questions about how classes were held, how members keep track of their progress, and what kind of “diet” was needed to fuel myself for workouts.

Then I took a “fit test”, just to use as a benchmark.  I did:

500m row

40 air squats

30 sit-ups

20 push-ups (modified on my knees)

10 pull-ups (modified using a band)

Time: 9 min 37 seconds

Woop Woop, under 10 minutes is a good start for me, a girls needs something to work towards!

I have my next session Monday and I can’t wait to see what else Crossfit has to offer!

Happy Saturday!


I have never…

I have never been one to have a New Year’s resolution.  Well, not that kind that I actually intended pursue.

But when thinking of how many positive experiences I had in 2010 I don’t see how I couldn’t at least give some resolutions (or goals if you’d rather) a good-ol’-college try.  At the very least they will give me some direction this year, and at the most they could make 2011 the best year yet.

After all, I am turning 30 this year (dun dun duuuunnnn) so if any year is going to be the BEST EVER, why not this one???

I have been thinking of writing my goals for the year for quite some time now, and even though I haven’t been blogging regularly I knew that I would be sharing them here….

Hmmm….Where do I begin??

1) BLOG! I really want to spend more time this year blogging.  Mostly I envision myself blogging about a variety of stuff: the healthy and not so healthy, the fun, the food, the fitness, new experiences, and old traditions.  Basically I will write about what my little heart desires.  What I won’t do is promise to post everyday or post everything I do or eat.  A lot of the times I am eating the same thing (breakfast is oatmeal, lunch turkey sammie…you get the idea) and there is only so much I can say about yoga.  BUT I will let you in on what I feel is worth sharing!


2) Go it alone (when necessary)..Something I know about myself is that no matter how much I’d like to try something I won’t try it alone. And while the power of a buddy has given me the confidence to do a lot of things, sometimes I prevent myself from doing things I really want because I’m scared to try it alone.  This year I am going to try to not be such a scared-y pants…

(I obviously shouldn’t be allowed to dress myself though…)

3) Challenge myself physically I need something different to spice up my fit-life because what I am doing now (which is not very much) isn’t cutting it for me.  I like being active and it is killing me that I can’t even WANT to TRY to get to the gym in the morning (or any other time fore that matter).  My solution?  Try something new and train for something big!

“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.”
-Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner

4) Read more for fun What is better than being so completely engrossed in a book that you can’t go to bed until you finish it?   You know what I mean, those kind of books that you can’t put down but don’t want to finish in fear that you will NEVER find a book that good again? Well, I get that feeling each summer I lay on the beach and each time I take a vacation, but I can honestly say I never have that feeling during the school year because I just don’t want to read. Period.

5) Become a better cook I can cook, but I want to know how to COOK, if that makes sense.  Enough of my zucchini lasagna and risotto balls (sorry mom 😉 ).  I need a variety.  For Christmas I got three new cookbooks from my mom and part of my goals for the year are to 1) not buy anymore cookbooks and 2)not download any new recipes until I can do the following..really well…

~make home made raviolis

~ make a really good pizza dough, from scratch (ditto for home made pie crust)

~ and learn how to make a restaurant chef quality: appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert.  I haven’t picked specifics out yet….

Well, there you have it…

5 goals I have to make 2011 even better than 2010…

I have other mini-ones that I decided will help make me a more sane (i.e. leave school at school) but above are the ones I am really. truely. going to pursue…

Here goes nothing!


Do you set New Year’s resolutions/goals?  What are some you set for yourself this year? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂