So long 2010…

2010 was a good year to me overall and even though I didn’t begin the year with any formal resolutions or goals for the entire year, I think that I accomplished a lot of smaller goals that I identified as the year passed.

I thought a good way to get started in 2011 would be by reflecting on some things I did last year.

In January I started taking my fitness seriously and stuck to a balanced gym routine that included cardio, strength training, and a little flexibility.  I stuck to a set schedule of gymming-it four days a week, working on a 4 day split that hit all muscle groups, including abs .  I tried to incorporate different cardio exercises and tried to do yoga once a week to keep myself interested.  My energy levels were so high throughout the day and working out quickly became my go-to stress reliever (wine is a very close second of course 😉 )

THe Mayor's Inaugural Ball

I also worked very hard at finding new, healthy food and making simple substitutions (switching to whole wheat pasta for example) to help me stay fuller longer and “get more bang for my buck” with the foods I ate.

In March I started two things that I love: running and my blog!  Starting my blog was an adventure in itself and I got great feedback from family and friends who were trying to life a similar lifestyle to the one I was trying to get into!  I loved writing and sharing my experiences.

A St. Patrick's Day post was one of my first

In April I joined the Melrose Running Club’s Walk to Run program.  I could already run a full three miles but joining the 10 week program built my confidence in running, helped me with my pacing, and got me pumped to keep running.  It wasn’t always easy, and many days I had to drag myself out there to get a run in, but eventually I LOVED IT!  If you’re just starting out, check out my posts on how I began:  week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7, week 8, week 9

Which led me to running my first race on Mother’s Day in May.  It was 3.5 miles and I finished in just over 30 minutes.  I was hooked!

That race led to me completing two 5-Mile races by the middle of June!  (The second was way better than the first).

Baldi River Run


At the end of July Jack and I went to Hawaii.  It was hands-down the best vacation I have ever been on. We went for 8 days, had beautiful weather, saw Pearl Harbor, went to a luau, hiked Diamond Head, took a sunset cruise, and I got to meet his best friend who lives out there.  I can’t wait to go back!

August brought big steps because after my annual family trip to Old Orchard Beach, I gave my 60 day notice to my landlord and moved to Charlestown with the boy. (I am settling quite nicely into my role as a yuppie by the way).

The fall flew by with getting used to teaching a new grade level and this winter I was prepping for the first big wedding in my family!  My cousin Carney got married New Year’s Day (Congrats to Carney and Mark!) and I was a bridesmaid.  I had lots of duties along with my status in the bridal party, and that included planning a shower…

a bachelorette party…

and dancing my butt off at the wedding.

Mission accomplished.

Yes, folks, 2010 was quite good to me, and to recreate that happiest, healthiest version of me it is important I take into account all the things that made me happiest and healthiest last year.  With hopes, of course, to do the same in 2011.

I’ve got to do a little more pondering about what I want out of 2011, though…

In what ways was 2010 good to you?? 🙂



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