Anatomy of a my Playlists

With all these snow days I seem to be getting lately, I have been able to spend a majority of my time watching Jersey Shore reruns (hello Grenade whistle!  The Stituation’s expressions are priceless) and looking for new music for my itouch.

OK Lisa,….

I listen to music…

when I cook

when I clean

when I am getting ready to go out

and of course, when I run!

The right playlist at the right time of day can work wonders for my motivation and mood.

I have….

5 o’clock music (Jack Johnson,Coldplay, David Gray, Ray Lamontange)

fall music (Norah Jones)

spring music (Dave Matthews Band)

mellow music for runs (Moby, John Mayer)

thinking music for runs (U2)

and power songs that get me through (Eminem, N.E.R.D, Akon)

When I put together a playlist I have to take a few things into account.

1) What kind of mood am I in? Especially when the playlist is going to be for workout purposes it is important for me to figure out my mood.  Sometimes I need to pump myself up and get my heart rate up, other times I will need something less intense and mellow.

2) What time of day will I be using my playlist? The type of music I listen to really depends on the time of day.  Music with a lot of base and a strong beat tend to make really good night-time music, as opposed to softer songs which I prefer in the afternoon.

3) What type of music fits my mood and time of day?

4) What kind of new music is out there?  This is where the new feature in itunes, Ping, comes in handy.  They give music suggestions based on your purchases and I have “discovered” many new artists and songs using their recommendations!

Now I know music choice is highly subjective, and songs I listen to during a run may not toot your horn but I am sure you know what I am talking about when I go through my song selection!

The most fun part is coming up with a name for the playlist!  I am not too creative but some of them are:

Swift Feet November Mixer

Mellow Runs 2010

June Evening Mixer

On the Darker Side

Here is my most current playlist for my next long run (7 miles!).  It is titled “Sunshine Dreaming” for no other reason than I am sick of the snow!


Well,  I am off to shower and eat some lunch.  Tonight I have my second session at CrossFit this week and my body is still aching from the last one!

What songs do you think I should add to my itunes library?  What are the names of some of your playlists??



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