Welcome to Super Bowl weekend!  Is everyone pumped for the big game?  NO?  Me neither 😉

I have to admit- I am not a huge football fan.  And by “huge” I mean I have no interest.

I was a Pop Warner cheerleader for quite a few years so I cheered for my team to win, but didn’t really care if they did.

I do partake in football festivities though.  It is a good excuse to get together and do something fun on a Sunday.  Super Bowl does give me a festive place to have a few drinks and a good reason to try out a new appetizer recipe or two.

I have had some great fun with past Super Bowl Sunday’s at the Powers house.  (Thanks to Shannon for the pics!).

My Dad and Meee

At the beginning of the season, Jack told me all he wanted was 16 Sundays a year to watch football.  I thought he meant the Patriots, he really meant any-and-everything football related.  Yes, that’s right, football from noon to midnight EVERY Sunday since the season began.

What I am really celebrating this weekend s the return of my Sunday 🙂  You know the one that involves no football.

What are you celebrating this weekend??



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