Death by Kettlebells

How is it Sunday already? I can’t believe how fast the weekend went by, and because it went by so fast I am not sure if I am rooting for a snow-day-free week or not!


Yesterday I went to my first CrossFit kettlebell class.  It was called “Kettlebells, Abs, and More”, it should have been called “Death by Kettlebelss” though.  Tristan was the teacher and, man, did he do a good job of leading a class that totally kicked my butt.  He was very encouraging and offered modifications when he saw I was having a hard time (which I desperately needed for the burpees).

I don’t remember the entire routine we did but I will do my best:

Warm-Up: 30 jumping jacks, 20 squats, 10 push-ups (I do modified push-ups)

*Circuits were 3 rounds each*

Circuit 1: 10 kettlebell swings, 10 kettlebell chest presses, 15 ab mat sit ups

Circuit 2: 5 kettlebell squats, 10 Burpees, 15 ab mat sit-ups

30 seconds of each, 4 rounds: crunches, knees to elbows, roll-ups, leg raises

Circuit 3: 5 kettlebell squats, 10 jumping lunges, 15 air squats

Circuit 4: 10 kettlebell transfers, 10 skull crushers, and something else…..

30 seconds of ABS as seen above

Circuit 5: 10 kettlebell rows (alternating sides), 10 kettlebell bicep curls, 10 kettlebell shoulder presses


Like I said it was NOT an easy workout, BUT it was the best workout I have had in a while.  Well, the best workout I have had since my last CrossFit class 🙂


I was a smart girl and put my post CrossFit energy to good use by getting my food shopping done yesterday, as opposed to today.  I have really come to dislike food shopping, but now I think I might just really dislike food shopping on Sundays. It wasn’t so bad getting it done yesterday.  I guess I have a new routine on Saturdays!

After showering I met up with my aunt for a last minute lunch.

Our first stop was the Warren Tavern.

I started with a Harpoon Celtic ale. It was a darker beer than what I usually like but it wasn’t too bad.  I had two while I ate lunch.

Lunch was a Monument chicken salad which had grilled chicken, boiled red potatoes, green beans, mixed greens and feta cheese.  I am really beginning to like tolerate feta cheese. (Considering I am not a “funky” cheese lover, I consider this a big step).

We also split buffalo fingers.

I devoured the celery and carrots that came with the buffalo fingers.  I love fresh veggies, especially when they are dripping in ranch dressing.


After lunch we headed to old Sully’s for a couple more adult beverages.  I had two or three bud lights while I was there.

My Night

Jack picked me up and we went to the movies to see a new movie (that is in limited release) called “Oxy-Morons”.  Here is the synopsis from the trailer I found on You-Tube:

“Based on the true life story of Charlestown’s Johnny Hickey. Two brothers, Danny and Jason find themselves at the top of the Oxycontin drug trade in the projects of Charlestown, MA.”


It is always fun to watch a movie set where you live!  And

Well, today I am making a spaghetti sauce and chicken parmesean, or pizza (or both) while watching the Phantom Gourmet marathon.

How was your Saturday??




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