Check, check, check it Out

I have a couple new favorite running songs that I added to my most recent itunes library and they make some kick ass running songs.  Check them out:

Esmee Denters: Love Dealr ft Justin Timberlake


Taio Cruz: Higher ft. Travie McCoy

Cobra Starship: The City is at War

After school, the sun was out and the temps didn’t seem too bad yet.  I know that it is supposed to get pretty cold tonight and stay that way for the rest of the week, so I thought it would be best to take advantage and headed out for a run.

Of course I bundled up, wearing: a tank top, long sleeve shirt, white running jacket, gloves, a fleece band to cover my ears, and a hat to cover the fleece headband covering my ears 🙂  You can never be too prepared!

As you could guess I was sweating like crazy about 3 minutes into my run.

I didn’t have a planned route (which is highly unusual for me) and basically ran where ever the sidewalks were cleared.  This made running through the North End very difficult!

Around mile 3 I popped a handful of Sports Beans (fruit punch flavored).  I am trying to get the right timing and amount for my fuel while running longer distances.  The handful of beans seemed to be timed just right as I didn’t lose energy during my run.


I ran 6.35 miles in 1:13 with an average pace of 11.29/mile.

I did a bit of dilly dallying when I stopped and chatted with Jack’s mom and tackled the unshoveled sidewalks in the North End.

Overall not a bad run.

My legs are sooooo tired.  And weirdly, my armpits hurt.  I don’t think that has anything to do with the run though!

Have a wonderful Tuesday night!




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