Shot Bloks

What a wonderfully warm Saturday we had this morning!  It is getting chillier and chillier as we speak, but I really do think it warmer today than it has been!

I was up and out for Tristan’s 10:30 a.m. CrossFit Bootcamp class and haven’t stopped since!

It was my first bootcamp class..ever… so I was really excited to try it out!  I set my alarm for 8:30 so I’d be able to eat something before class.  I definitely would be useless if I didn’t eat before and I knew that.  I ate a Chocolate Chip Clif bar when my alarm went off. Yes, I ate it in bed, and then promptly fell back asleep until 9:45.


The class was pretty full with 13 or 14 people signed up but we split into pairs to go through the stations today so it didn’t seem as crowded.  Crossfit Bootcamp is different from a regular class because it uses more body weight routines and it is (in my opinion) much more fast paced.

Today we did the following, with a partner, for 30 seconds each, then switched for 30 seconds.  We did this for two minutes before resting for a minute and switching stations.

  • rope swings/medicine ball push ups (modified)
  • mountain climbers/air squats
  • Kettlebell overhead walk/kettlebell rows
  • rowing machine/burpees
  • ab mat sit-ups/side shuffles (I may have made the name for this one up)
  • jumping jacks/ bicycle crunches
  • box jumps/ball slams

We were all staggered to start and were supposed to just move through the list from where we start.  Well, apparently I do not follow directions very well and went to the wrong station after the first switch, which messed everyone else up.  At the end my partner and I and another group were left to do the same station. Ooops sorry class!

Then, when I thought I was done, Tristan said we were going to do the entire rotation one more time for 30 seconds/30 seconds, resting 20 seconds between I think.

I really liked the bootcamp because:

  • it was fast paced so the time flew by
  • it was challenging but do-able (all the classes are)
  • I can do anything for 30 seconds, including burpees
  • it was tiring but left me with amazing energy
  • it made me realize I may be ready to try a real push-ups!  Yay for progress!

I was a sweaty mess after.  Word!  What a great workout and after my vacation next week (I am going on a cruise next Saturday for a week!) I will make this a part of my Saturday mornings!

After I was full of energy and since it was noticeably warmer than it has been lately, I decided to do my long run outdoors.  This was a saving grace because I wouldn’t have last for 7 miles on a treadmill.

Before heading out I tried 3 Shot Bloks, which are energy chews.

They had the texture of melting gummy bears which isn’t good or bad.  The strawberry flavor reminded me of a fruit roll-up.  I am undecided on how much I like them still.

On previous runs I have tried Power Bar Energy Chews (raspberry flavored) and I also have some GU to try on a future run.  I think the key with using these is finding the right source of fuel for you.  I had 2 Power Bar chews around mile 5 of the run.  They are my favorite so far.

I ran using my Garmin to measure distance and overall I felt great during the run.  My left knee started throbbing around mile 5.5 though I am not quite sure why.  I finished just about 7 miles in just about 1:24.

Any ideas why my knee starts to hurt 5 miles into a run?  Does stretching help it out?

Now, after getting my eyebrows waxed and perusing Barnes and Noble for some fun vacation reads, I am ready to nap before I go to Garden Club tonight (I’ll explain Garden Club later!).

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!






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