Reclaiming His Heart

In the midst of a rash of snowstorms throughout the Eastern United States, Jack went to the Dominican Republic.  He came back raving, but not about the sun or the beach or the 88 degree weather.  No siree, my boyfriend came back from his tropical vacation raving about their vanilla cake.

You read that right.

The best part of his vacation was dessert.  Vanilla cake nonetheless!

Oh, I forgot to mention this magical vanilla cake also had vanilla frosting on it.

Up until this vacation, he adored my risotto balls.  So you can imagine how I felt after hearing of his adoration for this vanilla cake.  I was determined to bake my way back to the top of his stomach heart.  I mean, there was no way my boyfriend was going to walk around telling people the best thing he had ever eaten was vanilla cake from the Dominican.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner (well, tomorrow) I thought it would be a prefect time to try out a new dessert: vanilla cake balls. (Recipe inspired by Bakerella)

Bake and cool a cake flavor of your choice.

Crumble in a bowl.

Add one can of frosting (I used Betty Crocker Vanilla)

Massage cake crumbles and frosting with hands.  Its kinda like making meatballs, but way stickier and messier.

Place and fridge for several hours, then work in batches to roll the mixture into bite size cake balls and dipping in melted chocolate using a fork with the two middle digits removed.  Let cool in fridge.

This is for sure the way to reclaim his heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Reclaiming His Heart

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I stumbled upon this blog a few weeks ago and now I’m a devoted fan! I love it! I find it so inspirational and I love how transformational it’s been for you.

    Congratulations on all of the great work and all of the self improvement. I am looking forward to following in your footsteps as well.

    Your byline from WD couldn’t be more appropriate!


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