Say it isn’t so

please tell me it isn’t only Wednesday?

I feel like we are currently in what will go down in history as the longest week ever.

I wish it was “Jersday” for more reasons than 1!

Now, let’s talk food:

Last night I perfected my art of homemade pizza.  Using one whole wheat pizza dough and one garlic and herb pizza dough from Trader Joe’s I crafted a pretty amazing pizza experience.  Trader Joe’s dough, after sitting at room temp for 20 minutes, easily rolled into the rectangular shape I needed to fit the pan.

Of course I used what all classy cooks used to roll it out:

A wine bottle!  Hey, it works 😉

The pizza was divine.  If you haven’t tried Trader Joe’s garlic and herb dough you must.  The trick I used is to brush the dough with olive oil and throw it in the oven for 10ish minutes before adding the sauce and cheese.  The crust came out so crispy.  We also had Alexia Waffle fries on the side.

After an uneventful bootcamp last night, I woke up feeling famished and new that a smoothie was just not going to cut it today.  I had a headache for the second day in a row which was either because I didn’t start my day with a coffee or my breakfast wasn’t great.  Today I had two blueberry Van’s Waffles with peanut butter and a half of a banana.  Yum.

I enjoyed this gooey baby with a french vanilla iced coffee from Dunks.

Dinner tonight, which I am eating as I type, is marinated chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese.

I de-goobered the chicken (i.e. took off the slimy, fatty parts) Sunday and froze it with some left over Newman’s Own Teriyaki.  The mac and cheese was Annie’s brand, similar to Velveeta shells and cheese, but not so salty.

Oh ya, and I tried a glass of this fun vino.  It is a Garnacha that is about $12 a bottle.  Price doesn’t mean it is good or bad, but I am still yet to find a red (besides Merlot) that I don’t like).

For some reason I LOVE the fact that the cork was black.  I don’t think I have ever seen a black cork.  Kind of reminds me of a giraffe’s tongue..

Tonight I got a pleasant surprise to find Tristan subbing for John at CrossFit.  The workout was very unpleasant (this had nothing to do with Tristan I assure you, he is awesome).  By unpleasant I mean hard as F*@k.  Pardon my French but holy crap!  First, let me preface by saying that this is my third class this week and I did run 4.2 miles Sunday.

Ok, today’s WOD was as follows:

Strength: 5×5 deadlifts

8 minutes each, AMRAP


  1. 10 box jumps (20 in box)
  2. 10 KB swings


  1. 15 thrusters (35lbs)
  2. 15 burpees


  1. 20 double unders (I did 60 singles)
  2. 10 toes to bar (I did a toes to air variation)

I started with ROUND 3, then 1, then finished up with 2.  By the time I got to my final round, which I feel needed the most exertion of all, I had almost nothing left to give.  Thrusters are hard after hanging on a bar and doing kb swings!  In 8 minutes I managed to complete:

  • 4 rounds of double unders/toes to bar
  • 6 +some of box jumps/KB swings
  • 2+some thrusters/burpees

I am totally burpee-d out this week and am totally looking forward to a day off from physical activity tomorrow.

It is getting close to my bed time so I gots to be going.



Filthy 50

I have been having some blog technical difficulites the past couple of days.  I hope everything will be smooth sailing from here on out.  Let’s catch up, shall we? 😉

Monday night during CrossFit our WOD was called the “Filthy 50”.

Since they post the WOD on their Facebook page the night before, I had plenty of time to stress about if I could actually survive the class.

I did survive if you are wondering…..

Before CrossFit I stopped into my old stomping grounds, Boston Sports Club, to finally cancel my monthly memebership.  BSC was a great gym with lots of classes and amenities that made it worth the money I paid to go there.  I have been debating if I should or should cancel for a couple months now, but seeing that I was keeping it solely for acces to a treadmill to run in inclement weather is just not the best idea.  I was expecting a little more of a fight from the manager, but he simply just canceled my account.

I munched on an almond cherry Clif bar for an afternoon snack.

I had ever tried this flavor before.  It was sweeter than the other I have tried.  It was..very…cherry!?  Good!

Eating a Clif bar about an hour before class has really sustains me through my workout.  Eating too much or too close (like I did last week before the Kettlebell Class) does not make my stomach feel good.

Moving on.

Filthy 50:

  • 50 box jumps (20 inch box)
  • 50 jumping pull ups
  • 50 KB swings (I think I used 12lb?)
  • 50 walking lunges
  • 50 knees to elbows (these were torture..something I need to work on for sure)
  • 50 push press (35lb bar)
  • 50 back extensions
  • 50 wall ball shots (10lb ball)
  • 50 burpees (I did all 50!)
  • 50 double unders (these are hard..i did like no real double unders though i tried!  Did like 100 singles instead)

Done in 36:15.

It was a benchmark workout we recorded on our cards so we can see our growth next time.  I definitely have some improvements I’d like to see by then:

  1. Box Jumps: I am just getting the hang of hitting the top of the box with straight-ish knees and jumping right back down, as opposed to stepping down.  By next time I’d like to be doing these faster.
  2. Knees to Elbows:  Right now I do not have the shoulder strength to hold myself in the low pull up position, this means when I am trying to hold myself to bring my knees to my elbows it feels like my arms are being pulled out of their sockets.  Not a good feeling!  By the next time I’d like to be able to get the kipping down and strength built to do more than 3 at a time.  These things are torture right now!
  3. Double Unders:  The movement is supposed to be faster in the wrist, not higher in the jump.  A double under is when the rope passes under your feet twice before they hit the ground. Not. Easy.

Throughout the workout John, the instructor, was helping everyone out.  He saw me using that negative motion I was using in my pull ups a few weeks ago during my push press.  Bascially, you are supposed to move up and down in one fluid motion.  I am stopping at the top and controlling the bar all the way down.  It works different muscles and make myself tired more quickly.  After I made a conscience effort to NOT control the negative motion I was able to “breeze” through the 50 reps.

Last night I headed to Crossfit bootcamp and made some pretty amazing homemade pizzas.  The key to my success was a bottle of wine 😉

Stay tuned,


Shake It Up

Only in New England can it be 70 degrees one day, and then, the day after the first day of spring, snow!  I mean, I guess since we haven’t seen snow in so long I should’t complain and it is not like it’s sticking, but come on!

Operation Breakfast Smoothie was mildly successful today.

By mildly successful I mean it was drinkable.

I made it with 1 frozen banana, 1 cup skim milk, a handful of ice (which DID not even become blended at all), and a scoop of chocolate Shakeology.

It tasted like a freezer-burned fudgesicle and had the consistency of warm, melted ice cream.

Not very refreshing but….

I drank it all and was completely satisfied until mid-morning.

Shakeology claims to be “The Healthiest Meal of the Day” and it actually helped my friend Meghan lose over 100 pounds last year by replacing one meal of snack with a shake each day, and of course eating right and exercise!

By the end of week four I should expect:

  • improved digestion and regularity
  • reduced cravings (man is this one chocolatey shake)
  • increased energy and stamina
  • lost weight
  • improved mental clarity

I really wanted to try it out as a healthy snack choice.  If I replaced a meal with it I have a feeling I would drop dead in Crossfit 😉

I love that it came with a monthly calendar that gave daily suggestions for how to create different shakes!

Since I am going into my second month at Crossfit and I am giving Shakeology a try, I am going to be taking some measurements tonight to track my progress at the end of April.  I am not going to be a slave to the scale, I don’t even own one, but taking measurements will help me track my progress.  I can’t wait to see what one month will bring.

Game plan?

  • Shakeology once a day for snack
  • Crossfit 3-4 days a week
  • Running 3-4 days a week

I guess once I figure out how to blend things together appropriately I will be golden!  All you smoothie makers out there (Starbucks that includes you) make it look so easy.  Or maybe I am a moron?!

Do you have any fitness or health goals for this month??

Lunch was delish so I must share it with you.  I made a shredded chicken sandwich with lettuce, and an individual string cheese.  Oh, and the best part was the tortilla.

It was perfectly spicy.

See what I mean?  Yum!

Tonight I have Crossfit.  The WOD is titled “Filthy Fifty”.  Sounds intriguing, yeah?!

Do you have any smoothie advice for me?  I am dying over here trying to perfect my smoothie skills!


Total Tool

After catching you guys up on my weekend, I finally gathered up the motivation to go for a run.  Despite the three hours preparation and new playlist, the run was hard.  My shins burned for the first mile or so (which I am thinking may be due to jumping rope Friday and doing plank jumps Saturday??).  After my body warmed up I was able to complete 4.22 miles, including a couple hills.

When running in sunny but cold weather I dress in three layers:

  • sweat wicking tank
  • long sleeve running shirt
  • zip up jacket

I also wear a fleece headband to keep my head warm and regular gloves from the dollar bin at Target.  I usually take the gloves off once I warm up, but I HATE having cold ears so the headband stays put.

I also wear a Spibelt (which acts as a carrying pouch as well as a belt to keep my tank from riding up.  In my Spibelt I keep my phone and keys and cough drops or gum to keep my mouth busy as I run!

My Garmin gps helps track pace and mileage and my ipod touch keeps me rocking during my run.  I look like a total tool with all the ridiculousness on my body, but it keeps me running nonetheless 🙂

I then got to doing what I loathe the most: food shopping.  Man is there nothing I would rather do less than food shop.  I always leave it until Sunday and I always put it off as long as I can.

This week I went in prepared with lunches, dinners, and snacks for the week.  I spent about $75 (which is what I spend on average) and after I got home I chopped, and cut, and boiled, and froze, and prepared salads and sauces and sandwhiches.  I am all set for the week and it is quite an accomplished feeling!

Lunches are shaves chicken sandwiches made on Trader Joe’s Habanero Lime tortillas.  I have never had them but I am hoping the are good.  One thing I am NOT good at is making good wraps!

The one thing I am most excited about it attempting to make some smoothies for breakfast. I have tried this before on a whim, but luckily for me I have a few good recipes to try out this time.

Oh, and a spanking new blender! Check this baby out:

I hope it is a pretty decent blender.  I of course did NO research previous to purchasing so I could end up being a worse smoothie maker than me.

I shall let you know.

Off to eat!


Taking Stock

A new favorite routine of mine is taking CrossFit Bootcamp class on Saturday mornings.  The class starts at 10:30 so it isn’t too early, but it is early enough to not interfere with my Saturday plans.  It gets me up and going in the morning, and now that the weather is getting nicer I can begin to appreciate it being the reason to get out of the house on a Saturday.

In the two months I have been a member, none of my BootCamp classes or regular CrossFit classes have been the same.  The only things they have in common is that they are insanely challenging and have me sweating before the warm-up is over.

No complaints here.

And it is amazing that I am willing to go out in public after a class with my hair slicked back into a pony tail and wearing damp clothes.  It is like a badge of honor after class.  I have no shame about it.

Yesterday’s Bootcamp was run by Tristan.  The Tabata workout only lasted 4 minutes a round, but it was killer.  Tabata is where you go all out, doing as many reps as you can in 20 seconds and then take a 10 second break.  This combination of 20 sec on, 10 secs off allows your body to partially recover and gives you the chance to train at a higher intensity.  The 10 second break flies by, let me tell you.  Basically you are constantly moving for all 8 rounds.  I mean, it took me 10 seconds to get ready for the next exercise in the series!

Here is what we did:

  • plate push-ups
  • ab mat sit-ups
  • plate jumps
  • plank
  • plate squats
  • mountain climbers
  • plate burpees

I did real live push-ups for all 8 rounds this time!  I may be crazy, but the seem easier with one hand on a plate and the other on the ground.

And, you are right, plate burpees (where you raise a 25lb plate over your head during the upward motion of a burpee) are not as fun OR easy as they sound 😉

After CrossFit I headed to Ira Mazda to get my BRAND NEW car (let’s remember, it is 5 days old) to get an inspection sticker and pick up my registration.  I would say I have spent more time than necessary at that dealership and was happy with the prospect of seeing them…maybe never again!

I stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up a bunch of stuff and also got a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks.

Well, when I got out of my car to wait for them to take it into the bay…I discovered this:

That’s right…SOMEONE backed into my car and broke my grill 😦   I can’t even make a sad face sad enough to capture my mood!  WTF people!  I don’t even know when it happened because I had just noticed it when I got up to the dealership.  But what kind of person backs up and hits a car that hard (where it obviously made damage) and then doesn’t leave a note.  Grrrrr.

While I waited for them to now give me a sticker AND a quote for the damage ($439 in case you are wondering), I helped myself to a complimentary Nutri-Grain bar.

To be honest, I felt like eating 439 of them just because I must be there most valued customer!  I beginning to think I am single-handedly making business thrive at Ira Mazda.  Maybe I should buy some stock in the company??

Sandra Bullock has been quoted saying, “I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.”  And I believe that too.  So while I am trying to figure out what it is I put out there to have this happen to me, I hope that person who hit my car is getting what they gave.

Do you believe in karma?  That what you put out there in the universe, whether it be actions, thoughts, or an attitude, will come back to you?

Off for a Sunday morning run and some family time.




My Friday started with an afternoon CrossFit session with Tristan.  The WOD was for the people participating in the Crossfit Open Sectionals to be able to practice.  I am not personally competing in them but it was fun to try out a workout.

Skill review: Power snatches


30 double unders (I did singles x3)

15 Power snatches (20lbs)

Power snatches require you to lift an Olympic bar from the floor to overhead in one motion.  When I did my last onboarding session Tristan and I worked on these for a bit and I just couldn’t get it.  Using your hips for the power just confused me.  I know I was thinking about it too much!

Luckily for me I was able to rock the snatches this time!  I completed 2 rounds plus 70 jump rope singles.

It goes without saying I sweat a lot!

After CrossFit I showered and got ready to meet the ladies at Anthem.  I love that restaurant week allows you to try out places which you may not normally have tried.  Anthem is located in the middle of Fanueil Hall and offered a very cool vibe.  We got a window seat which was perfect for people watching.

I started out with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  I loved the melon-y flavor of the wine.  It completmented the 70 degree weather perfectly!  I had two glasses over the course of lunch.

First course was a Ceasar salad.  It was good, nothing out of the ordinary.

The main course was their margherita pizza with buffalo mozzerella, chunky tomato sauce and fresh basil.  It was served on a wooden pizza plank (not sure if that is what it is called).

It was thin and crunchy and tasted very fresh.

Clearly I hated it 🙂

Dessert was a fried Twinkie served with fresh berries and whipped cream.  The bottom got a little soggy from the berry juice but I liked it just the same.

Everything tastes better fried people!  This we know.  I actually haven’t had too many crazy fried desserts, but my favorite so far is a deep fried Oreo.  Yum!

After lunch we watched some break-dancers for a bit then walked home.  🙂

What is your favorite fried food??




Word on the street is that today is going to be close to 70 degrees in Boston!  Yesterday’s weather was so nice I can’t wait to get my butt out there and enjoy the sun again today!  Luckily for me I get to celelbrate two friends’ birthdays with a little lunch in Faneuil Hall.  Since moving to Charlestown at the end of the summer, one of the greatest perks I have found is the ability to walk right into downtown Boston!

Amy’s birthday was February 15th and Maureen’s birthday was March 9th.

We are going to take advantage of Boston’s Restaurant Week (where a 3 course lunch is $20.11 and a 3-course dinner is $30.11) and head to Anthem.  We had looked at several different restaurants since the 3 course menu is chosen ahead of time by the restaurant, and decided on Anthem because it had something we all liked!

I already know what I am getting 😉

Before that I have to put in a little work at CrossFit.  Today I am taking my first mid-day CrossFit class.  This summer I am going to try to take afternoon classes regularly so I can’t wait to see how it goes.

I think I am even going to walk/run there to take advantage of the weather!


I will now leave you with a fun Ray song.  A cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”:

Because everyone needs a little Ray in their life 🙂

What is your favorite way to spend time outdoors when the weather starts getting warmer?

Enjoy the day