Breakfast could hands-down be my favorite meal of the day, and it is hard to believe I didn’t start eating breakfast every morning regularly until last year.  Looking back, I don’t know how I even made it through the day without eating before lunch time!

My breakfast on the cruise almost every morning: raisin bran and half a bagle with OJ and skim milk

I bet I was pretty grumpy, my head was probably foggy, and I sure didn’t have much umph to get me through the day.

Since I am such a routine person, I go on food kicks eating the same thing for days on end.  That means that though I have a bunch of different breakfasts that can be prepared in the morning, are quick and easy (done in under 20 minutes), AND fill me up, I tend to eat the SAME THING until it makes me want to puke!

On those mornings where I feel really bored with my breakfast choice of the month day I find myself trying to scavage for an alternate, which ends up being a doughnut.  This isn’t necessarily bad (eating a doughnut for breakfast) but I prefer my breakfast to sustain me until my morning snack around 10 am.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite breakfast recipes here.  I have made the first two in the mornings while getting ready for school!

1) Oatmeal-Banana Bread Bake (recipe here)

2) Peanut Butter French Toast (you can do this with or without the banana in the middle/peanut butter)

3) Overnight Oats in any variation!

4) Go Lean Crunch (or any granola) with Chiobani yogurt (or any yogurt) and blueberries (or any berries)

aaannnnddd that is all for now.  I think I need to take ym own advice and whip me up some french toast tomorrow morning!

Lata 🙂



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