Cozumel was the first stop on the cruise and the first thing I liked about it was that it was docked at the port.  I love walking off the boat into the little shopping area.

It was the first day of the trip and Jack was feeling super relaxed, he let me bring him in all the shops (regardless of the fact they all sold the same goods).

Since we didn’t book an excursion we wandered toward where we thought may be the direction of downtown and happened upon a small beachside bar and grill.  The had caronas for me and offered seaside massages for Jack.  While he relaxed, I drank a couple cervezas and chatted with a couple couples from Canada.

I also had a beer at Fat Tuesdays while Jack ran to grab something on the boat.  Fat Tuesdays was also right on the water and was very festive.

Upon Jack’s return I was getting hungry.  When I get hungry I get grumpy (even after a few beers) so we headed to a restaurant across the way called “3 Amigos”.  We got a nice table on the deck overlooking the water and I promptly ordered a mango margarita…

which was served on our waiter’s head?!

Jack must’ve felt left out, so he got a cool balloon hat to wear

We munched on some fresh tomato salsa and jalapeno poppers.  I love jalapeno poppers!

Cozumel was warm, sunny, and a great first stop on the trip.  We spent the whole afternoon there and I enjoyed every second of it.  I even picked up my goodies for my mom, dad, and brother while I was there!

On that note…buenos noches 🙂


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