It is Amazing

It is amazing what a vacation can do for my motivation!  I need to keep that thought in my bag of tricks when I feel lazy (I can always use a good excuse to get away).

I am currently signed up for 4 races from now until Memorial Day weekend! This is good because on May 29th I am going to be running my longest race yet: a half-marathon!  Yup, that is 13.1 miles.

I started training for it a while ago by taking a 12 week plan and extending it to 24 weeks.  Well, that didn’t workout so well between the snow storms and the vacation I was forced to do too much treadmill running.  After a while (last week for instance) I really couldn’t get myself to run more than three miles.

I figure that the race this Sunday will be the official start of my 12 week training for my Half Marathon!  Truth be told- it has to be because the race is exactly 12 weeks away.

Race 1: Black Cat 10/20 Miler/ Sunday, March 6

10 miles

Race 2: An Irish Race/Sunday, March 13


Race 3: Doyle’s Road Race/Sunday, April 10


Doyle's Logo

Race 4: Boston’s Run to Remember/ Sunday, May 29

13.1 Miles


Unfortunately for me Sunday’s weather is supposed to be rainy.  WHDH reports, Sunday: Mostly cloudy with rain likely during the afternoon, evening, and overnight. Highs in the 50s!! Gusty winds late day -esp. on the Capes/Islands.” Hopefully this means that the race, which starts at 8 a.m., will be over before the rain and wind starts in the afternoon.  I guess I will just have to run like Speedy Gonzalez to outrun the rain clouds!


I’ll fill you in on the runs with some race recaps and shortly I’ll post my 12 week training schedule.  I may be crazy, but I feel like 13.1 miles is a totally do-able distance.

I am super excited.

Can I get a Woop Woop?!

How do you feel about running in inclement weather?  In regards to racing, will you run a race no matter what the conditions are? I don’t mind a little windy or a little drizzle, but down pours and wind gusts intimidate me!

CrossFit tonight and tomorrow is Thursday!

Until later


4 thoughts on “It is Amazing

  1. Fun I am running the 5k on the 13th, send me your # maybe we can meet up after. Jeff is running the 1/2 on the 29th too! Good luck Lisa

  2. 4 races! thats awesome… Gives you something to keep the training interesting. Thats what I always find anyway. When you are not training for something in particular, you lose motivation. I hope the rain holds off for Sunday.. I am in the North, Halifax N.s and I beleive it is calling for rain here also but mild temps..


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