Brave the Run

Tonight I drove up to Salem to pick up my race packet and bib number for the Black Cat 10 Miler.

Now that I am thinking about it….10 miles is far!  And it kind of a big deal.  I am sure glad I am only realizing this two days before the race (as opposed to 2 weeks before, then I’d get little sleep).

I have run 7.5 miles at the most to date, but many runners I have talked to said if I can do that much then I can do 10.  I kinda wish I felt more prepared because I haven’t run since last week, and that was 3 miles on the treadmill.  This is a lesson for me to stick to my training plan for the half- but I BELIEVE that if I got this 10 then I definitely have the 13.

Moving on…

Race packet included a bunch of advertisements for other races, my bib number, and the some other fun stuff:

Ok, so the top is the T-shirt I got in the packet while the other two shirts (an Under Armour Cold Gear pull over and an Under Armour tshirt) may have been the result of an imprompteu stop at Dick’s Sporting Goods on my way home 😉  Both were on sale, score!

Nothing makes running a little easier than cute new duds!

Well, I am off to bed.

Do you have any words of advice for a first time 10 mile-r?



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