Black Cat 10 Miler

This morning I was up super early (for a Sunday at least) at 5:30 to head up to Salem for the Black Cat 10 Miler.  I was kind of nervous to be running 10 miles, since I had never run that far before, but I had been told that if I can do 7 then I can do 10.

I had a Clif bar on my way up.  The Clif Bar has been my main source of pre-run fuel for as long as I can remember, and I figure if it is not broke don’t fix it!

Right before the run started I had 2 raspberry Power Bar Gel Blasts.  These things are sooooo tasty!  I nibbled on a plethora of energy chews throughout the race, every half hour or so.  The gel blasts are my favorite, but I have grown to like the taste and texture of the Shot Blocs too.  I am not sure if that is the “right way” to use the gel blasts for energy, but it worked for me today.

The race started at 8:00 and for the few minutes before it started to drizzle.  Thankfully that cleared up and the temps stayed warm throughout the run.  Except for the occasional breeze, the weather helpd make the run comfortable.

The course was kind of hilly and took us through Salem and Marblehead and back.  There were plenty of water stations throughout the course, including a GU station at mile 5.

There were also lots of spectators cheering us on and cars beeping to show support.  It was pretty cool but I never really know what to do.  Sometimes I clapped with them, sometimes I gave a thumbs up, sometimes I said “Thank you”, sometimes I did nothing at all (that didn’t feel right at all).

Amy and I ran together.  We chatted, walked, I dumped the sand out of my shoe, etc throughout the duration of the race.  Running with a friend and chatting is so fun!  It made the 10 miles go by faster and made the race part of it seem like less of a big deal.  We both had the same mentality: it was a Sunday long run where we got a t-shirt and medal as a prize 🙂  Not having a time goal or pressure to beat a personal record makes it much more stressful and as I runner I am not at that point yet.  I am running to go the distance, whether that be an 8 minute pace or a 20 minute pace!

Around mile 8.5 Amy and I split up and I pushed myself to see how fast my legs could take me.  On the last mile and a half I averaged around a 9:30 minute mile.  I definitely could NOT maintain that pace for a longer distance than that, I would have totally lost steam if I had tried!

I finished with an (unofficial) time of 1:58.  Not bad!  A personal record!  I had my Garmin on but I didn’t download my last run and when I hit start at the beginning of the race, it started where I left off.  I had no clue how to reset it!

After Amy and I headed to the Tavern on the Square.  They had a delicious looking breakfast buffet AND they were serving beer at 10:30 a.m!

I started with a Harpoon Raspberry.

and then I had a Wachusett Blueberry Ale.  It tasted like Trix cereal.  Yum-o!

I also had a buffalo chicken pizza with ranch dressing.  It wasn’t too buffalo-y and the chicken seemed as if it had been cooked the night before.  I picked it off and ate three pieces of the pizza anyway!

Tomorrow starts my official half marathon training.  I am doing Boston’s Run to Remember in exactly 12 weeks!  Keeping a proper training schedule while doing CrossFit will make me feel very confident when it comes to the 13.1 miles.  During the 12 weeks I want to also focus on hydrating and fueling properly.  Got any tips to share with me?


How do you handle spectators cheering you on during races?  Do you clap with them?  Say thank you?  Bow and curtsey?  Ignore them? I have never been a race spectator but I am thinking that if I am in Boston this year for the Boston Marathon I am going to check it out and cheer the runners on.  Can you believe I have lived in Boston all my life and have NEVER spent a Marathon Monday in the city?  Shame on me!







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