Da, da, da, da ,daaaaa I’m Loving It

1) Day light savings.

Ok I kinda love it.  Pro: daylight until 6.  Con: no daylight at 6 a.m.  Getting up when it is still dark really bites, but I am confident that I will get over this as the weather gets warmer and the summer gets closer.

2) My new wheels.

I hit another pothole Friday night.  I bent the rim I just got fixed two weeks ago.  I was really upset and decided I needed a new car.


Oh, and my car has a theme song.  I discovered it when I was driving back from showing the car to my parents:

This would also be a good running song, trust me on this one.


3) Crockpots

Who doesn’t like when dinner is ready for you when you get home?

Dinner: Bone-in chicken breasts (they hold up better in the slow cooker) prepared with McCormick Seasonings’s Italian Herb Chicken packet, egg noodles, and SteamFresh broccoli.

Crockpots: Making dinner easier one meal at a time.  Add in one of the liners and you have dinner ready, with no mess to clean, right when you get home!


I’m Glee-ing it up this evening.





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