Total Tool

After catching you guys up on my weekend, I finally gathered up the motivation to go for a run.  Despite the three hours preparation and new playlist, the run was hard.  My shins burned for the first mile or so (which I am thinking may be due to jumping rope Friday and doing plank jumps Saturday??).  After my body warmed up I was able to complete 4.22 miles, including a couple hills.

When running in sunny but cold weather I dress in three layers:

  • sweat wicking tank
  • long sleeve running shirt
  • zip up jacket

I also wear a fleece headband to keep my head warm and regular gloves from the dollar bin at Target.  I usually take the gloves off once I warm up, but I HATE having cold ears so the headband stays put.

I also wear a Spibelt (which acts as a carrying pouch as well as a belt to keep my tank from riding up.  In my Spibelt I keep my phone and keys and cough drops or gum to keep my mouth busy as I run!

My Garmin gps helps track pace and mileage and my ipod touch keeps me rocking during my run.  I look like a total tool with all the ridiculousness on my body, but it keeps me running nonetheless 🙂

I then got to doing what I loathe the most: food shopping.  Man is there nothing I would rather do less than food shop.  I always leave it until Sunday and I always put it off as long as I can.

This week I went in prepared with lunches, dinners, and snacks for the week.  I spent about $75 (which is what I spend on average) and after I got home I chopped, and cut, and boiled, and froze, and prepared salads and sauces and sandwhiches.  I am all set for the week and it is quite an accomplished feeling!

Lunches are shaves chicken sandwiches made on Trader Joe’s Habanero Lime tortillas.  I have never had them but I am hoping the are good.  One thing I am NOT good at is making good wraps!

The one thing I am most excited about it attempting to make some smoothies for breakfast. I have tried this before on a whim, but luckily for me I have a few good recipes to try out this time.

Oh, and a spanking new blender! Check this baby out:

I hope it is a pretty decent blender.  I of course did NO research previous to purchasing so I could end up being a worse smoothie maker than me.

I shall let you know.

Off to eat!



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