Getting Crafty

Let’s get something clear: I am not crafty.  Everything I draw looks like a foot, and none of the lines I sketch or cut out are ever straight.  They probably never will be, and I am OK with that.

So when I concocted this bright idea to redo the header for my blog I turned to the craftiest person I know: Amy 🙂  She may tell you otherwise, but I knew she was the right girl for the job.

Friday I stopped by Michael’s and stocked up on card stock of all shapes and sizes, mini Crayola markers, glue, scissors, and a very sparkly piece of red paper.

Then we opened a bottle of wine and I did this…

While Amy did this…

I shared with her the most vague vision for this project as I could:  I run.  I wear sneakers.  I like wine.  I live in the city.

She came up with this:

I came up with this:

(It is an Easter Egg, not a foot 😉 ) and hid a couple of them around her apartment.

When I got home I got fancy with my Mac and created this header using Amy’s creation:

But since I happen to be un-crafty, and computer illiterate, I couldn’t get that to fit in the space provided for my header.  So I got frustrated, cropped half of it out, and settled for what you see above.  (Anyone out there who wants to offer their CSS skills to help reinvent the rest of my blog, feel free to offer your services.  I make a mean Easter egg after all!)

Arts and crafts sure are fun!  Thanks Amy for helping me get my blog on!



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