Big Mistake

Happy..errr.. Tuesday folks.  In what seems to be the norm each week, I thought we were a day ahead of where we are and was devastated to find out that it was not, in fact, Wednesday.  Mistakes like that just seem to make the week go by that much slower.

I started my day off with a shakeology smoothie (made with frozen banana, a scoop of chocolate shakeology, almond milk, water, and ice).  It was so smooth and cold.

I also had a coffee which hit me weird today and for some reason made me feel frantic and anxious all morning.  Caffine has been known to do that to me at times.

It is also that time of the month where my hallow leg shows up and I could eat all day, every day and not feel satisfied.

Eats today have included:

  • smoothie
  • a pear
  • watermelon
  • another banana
  • left over lasagna
  • salad
  • Black cherry Almond Clif Bar

I have become the queen of Tupperware BTW.

I also planned on eating a little something-something before bootcamp, but I got home from school a little too late and I do not dare eat too close to a workout.  If I can’t squeeze in a bite about an hour before than I don’t eat.  Tummy troubles tend to cramp my bootcamp-style if you know what I’m sayin’.

On that note, I was hoping that the sun would come out so that I could run to Crossfit and home.  I thought that would be a great way to sneak in a quick 2 miles today.  Now, I know that running in inclement weather has never stopped me before, and I am not so sure it should stop me now, but it might.  But it might not.  Ok, I should run to Crossfit…but probably won’t.







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