Get my Fit-On

I don’t know if I mentioned earlier that I can’t believe it is only Tuesday.  But just to reiterate that fact, it is Tuesday.  I could not wake up this morning.  I was having such a deep and peaceful sleep.  When I finally got out of bed I promised I would get myself to bed before 10 tonight. Right now it is 8:08 so I need to get my butt moving!

Tonight at bootcamp I could feel the squats and pull ups I did yesterday the ENTIRE time.  At the beginning of class I started out feeling pretty great, but that didn’t lst long!  Don’t get me wrong, I still could complete the workout but it was tough.  By cool-down, I could feel the muscle soreness sneaking in.

Zach, who was filling in for Mark, asked for our input a little in regards to the length of each exercise.  I voted for 1min rounds instead of 2, and since I was the only one who voted, that it what he went with.  Yay for speaking up and getting what you want!

Here is what we did:

1 minute each/ 3 rounds

  • ball slams (15lb)
  • rower
  • platform jumps
  • walking lunges (killer!)
  • ab mat sit ups
  • REST
  • jump rope singles
  • wall balls
  • box jumps
  • push ups (modified on knees, killer again)
  • knee-to elbow
  • REST

My abs are starting to hurt too because I make sure to NEVER skimp on an ab exercise.  That is the area I want to tone up the most.

I also really like that not one bootcamp class I have taken yet was the same.  It really keeps me interested and my body doesn’t have the chance to know whats coming.  Except in regular Crossfit classes, when I read the WOD the night before and see that tomorrow has walking lunges and squats-more leg work.  In these cases I know what EXACTLY is coming and then I have time to stress over how hard it will be.

Crossfit makes it hard to get bored with your routine because every class is so different.  Did you know when it gets warm they even take the classes outside?  Yup they do!  This place is exactly what I need to get my fit-on!

When I got home I ate some baked chicken and rice for dinner.  Now I am prepping a new smoothie recipe (made with frozen strawberries), a new over-night oats recipe, and packing my lunch for tomorrow.  Details and recipes to follow.




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