New Deal

Today was parent-teacher conference day and I knew it was going to be one long-ass day since I got out of bed.  Conferences were 1-3 and 4-6 but our schedule fell behind 20 minutes on each end (it happens) which was a huge bummer.  The only saving grace is that A) tomorrow is Friday, B) Tomorrow is Red Sox Day at school C) I am a judge to find the best dressed Red Sox Fan in the school.  Good times, good times!

My day started with a chocolate strawberry smoothie, just like yesterday’s.

This afternoon, I made the best last-minute lunch decision.  EVER.  And the good decisions kept coming right from the sandwich all the way down to the drink.

I went to the New Deal on Broadway in Revere for a fresh sandwich.  This place really does it up right, cutting the cold cuts right in front of you, and they slice ‘em nice and thin.

Today I decided on pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and pickles.  No I am not pregnant.  This combination just made total sense and I do not regret the choice one bit.This sub was gigantic, and I knew it would be, so I put the pickles on the side and BAM, I have lunch for tomorrow!

While there I perused their super fresh produce and decided on two seedless oranges.  This sign promised they were the best batch of the season!  I munched on one during my break at parent-teacher conferences today.

I also had half a bag of smaht-food popcorn and a Vitamin Water Zero.

Conferences went 20 minutes over time but I was excited to head to Renzo’s on Revere Beach for a quick chapter of “book club” with a couple lovely ladies.  It is located right on the beach and, man, it got me psyched for summer to get here.  There was a dj playing jazz (then disco) music which helped me relax and created a warm, inviting atmosphere in the restaurant.

Renzo’s has delicious wood-fired pizza, which I eventually had for dinner.  But more important things first: drinks.  I started with a grape-infusion martini.  It was kind of disappointing because it did not taste very stiff, and I like my martinis to “put hair on my chest”.  This one was supposed to be grape-infused, but I think it tasted similar to purple Gatorade.

We split an order of onion rings at the table and the were sooo good.  Not too oniony, with just the perfect amount of crispy.

We also split some creamy spinach and artichoke dip with pitas.

I had a glass of reisling with the few slices of cheese and Bianca pizza I had.  The Bianca pizza was a white pizza with ricotta cheese and spinach.  It was delicious.

I am so happy tomorrow is Friday.  This week has seemed to last a lifetime.  On tap for this weekend is a run tomorrow, bootcamp and a trip to the aquarium Saturday, and the Doyle’s 5 mile road race Sunday.  Besides looking forward to the weekend I am excited for 80 degree weather for the beginning of the week as well as confirmation that my “6-Pack” running team got picked in the lottery to participate in the Harpoon 5-Miler May 22.  I did this race last year , and it is definitely “the ultimate beer run”.

Ok, must get my beauty rest so I will be in tip-top-judging shape for the Red Sox contest tomorrow.

What are you doing this weekend??






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