Currently Loving: South End Athletic Company

As I said in my previous post, I didn’t work out too much this week.  I did make it to Tristan’s class on Wednesday morning and I LOVED being there so early in the day (class started at 11).  Not only did I not have it “hanging” over my head all day but there were only 2 other people in the class.  The night classes, especially on Monday, usually fill up with 10-12 people so having only 3 was a treat.

I tend to quickly fall out of routine the second I do not have to be up with my alarm for school so this week was no different.

By this morning though I was craving a sweat session.

But instead of going for a run I found myself heading over the the South End to get a new pair of kicks.  You are supposed to change running shoes every 6 months/400 miles and since I got my Asics in October for my birthday, it is time for a new pair.  However, I refused to buy a THIRD pair of the same shoe.  Previously I had gone to Marathon Sports to get fitted for shoes, and while I loved their service, I wanted to check out another store and see what they thought of my foot.

The South End Athletic Company is a small, local business on Treamont Street in Boston’s South End.  I happened upon their Facebook page while perusing marathon websites.  I loved them immediately because of their cool merchandise.  Their website describes the store as follows:

“SEAC was founded on the idea that fitness, fashion and fun should coexist. SEAC’s product mix will keep you at peak performance with the best technical footwear, apparel and accessories while also offering a fun selection of sport heritage lifestyle wear. It’s a place where hardcore fitness and style finally meet!”

It is a running store owned by runners nonetheless!  I got to chatting with Justin, who is a co-founder, about my half marathon coming up and he offered some tips and suggestions.  I could talk to runners all day long!  He informed me that they do free group runs from the store on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.  Some of the runs include drills and speed work, while others are just long distance runs.  It definitely sounds great, and it is really fun to run with a group, so I am hoping to try it out soon.

Interestingly enough, upon walking in the store I felt the immediate need to own one of their t-shirts.  Each simply say: South End Athletic Company” on the front, but each gave off the vibe of being a part of secret club (that anyone could be a part of for $25).  Of course I bought an ash grey one with purple writing (and yes I am wearing it to Avalon Crossfit tonight).

the lower back

I brought in my old pair of shoes and explained that while I love the fit, I did not love the style.  Of course I understand you can not always have the coolest, brightest, most fun pair when you need a stable shoe like I do, but there had to be more than my boring Asics.  Justin, one of the co-founders of SEAC, helped me try on three or four different pairs of shoes.  He watched me run in one of them to get a feel for what my stride looked like.  My right leg and foot look great, while my left turns out (hey, they both turn out, yes like a duck, when I walk!)  Bummer 😉

Though I really, really, REALLY wanted the cool purple pair that fit me OK, I decided on the ugly (at least I think they are ugly) Saucony Progrid Guide 3.  I was proud I did not sacrifice a good run for a cooler pair of shoes.

I also bought a black polka-dotted no-slip headband by Sweaty Bands to hold back the little whispy hairs that NEVER stay put while working out.  It actually is cool enough to wear regularly too.  It was $15 so unfortunately I could only buy one, but I will wear it until it falls apart!

I got lots of goodies today and tried each of them tonight.  Nothing like buying new clothes and wearing them all in the same day, huh?

Hey, whatever works!



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