Whipped Cream.

Vanilla pudding.

True definition of “cookies and cream”.

Super simple.

Conversation piece.

Kid friendly recipe.


I already said that.

Enough said.


Recipe from: my Auntie Eileen and cousin Casey

2 packages of Oreo cookies, crushed

2- 8oz packages of room temperature cream cheese

2- 8oz containers of Cool Whip

2 tblsp vanilla extract

2 boxes prepared instant vanilla pudding

2 cups Confectionary sugar

1 package gummy worms (optional)

Flower pot

bunch of fake flowers

1) In a large bowl, mix cream cheese, Cool Whip, prepared pudding, confectionary sugar, and vanilla extract.

2) In an un-used planter, alternate layers of crushed Oreo cookie and above mixture.  Be sure to end with crushed Oreo on top (for that “dirt” look, get it?!).

3) Before serving, place fake flowers in center and top with gummy worms (optional).


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