Good evening!  As I sit here over my dinner, I am thinking about the class that I was just a part of.  Now, I want to preface this explanation by saying that I am complaining because the workout was a good workout, the kind where instead of stretching at the end I chose to simply lay on the floor.  Stretching uses too much energy after a workout like this.  I mean, I wanted to be able to walk to the car!  Ok, now I am exaggerating.  Let me explain.

Every Tuesday and Saturday I go to Avalon Crossfit’s bootcamp class.  This class is always different from a regular Crossfit class because it is usually done in a circuit with exercises that use primarily body weight (pull-ups and push-ups), cardio style moves (box jumps, shuttle runs), and things of that nature (walking lunges,  kettle bells, etc).  What I liked most was that I couldn’t know what we were doing ahead of time and it always kept you moving.  But to be honest, I felt like it was harder than a different way than a Crossfit class, which is why I liked it.  Am I making sense?

Well, today we were told they were trying to align the bootcamp a little more to stick to the Crossfit style of absolutely kicking your butt (again, I signed up for this 😉 ).  I like this because I do want to get faster and build my endurance, and this will be one way to help me do that!

Avalon Crossfit Bootcamp:

Metcon (metabolic conditioning) #1

“Meghan”– 21, 15, 9

Burpees, Kettle bell swings (12kg), double unders (attempts count)

OMG.  I thought I was going to die right there on the floor.  My arms were tired from yesterday’s WOD which included tons of push ups and mountain climbers.  And double unders?  Can’t do ONE to save the life of me.  I “attempted” each of the and only successfully whipped myself in the calf, ankle, and wrist each time!

“Meghan” Time: 9:07


Metcon #2

3 rounds:

  • 15 box jumps
  • 15 wall ball shots (14lbs)
  • 15 ab mat sit ups
Time: I forget.  six minutes maybe?
I was even crazy enough to go for the challenge:
  • 50 walking lunges (ouch)
  • 50 ball slams (15lbs)
  • 50 push ups (which I conveniently ran out of time for!)
I think Ali and the other girls in the class would agree that the whole workout was super high intensity and challenging.  It is kind of funny how bad you want to push yourself, even though no one is really keeping track of what you are doing for each round.  I mean, for some reason I couldn’t cheat on anything if I wanted to (and believe me I did).  I went all out for the entire time.  It. was. hard.  Metabolic conditioning (as explained here) is no joke!
I am very glad it is over and I can’t wait to do it again!
Off to prep for the Glee Prom episode!

One thought on ““Meghan”

  1. I agree 100% I was a sweat factory! I thought I was going to collapse during my last set of box jumps. But it was awesome. I am beginning to think we are mentally ill for signing up for this crap.

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