It’s 3:00 Somewhere!

There is something that I love about that 3:00pm time period when my students leave my classroom and I can put on my John Mayer Trio Pandora station and sit and do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I am taking advantage of this time now to blog and relax a little bit.  I really love being in my classroom after school sometimes.  Actually, judging by the mess of a thing I call a desk, I should probably be doing some cleaning and organizing right now…

Last night, while watching Glee, I had a nice little glass of Riesling that I hoped would help me sleep a little better than I have been the past few nights.  Unfortunately all it did was make me need to pee a zillion times throughout the night.  So much for a good night’s rest!

 On top of that I woke up thinking it was Friday, only to panic thinking it was only Monday and ultimately deciding it was OK that it was Wednesday.

 I am also a tad bit sore in my lower back region today because of the past two day’s crazy-hard Avalon Crossfit workouts.  I immediately want to blame incorrect form for kettle bell swings, but wonder if it has anything to do with me skimping on the stretching the past two days.  I am generally not a big stretcher- I don’t regularly stretch when running- so I am very quick to pass it up in favor of just regaining my breath after a workout.  I have already decided that tonight’s class is going to be a time to take advantage of the stretching!

Right now I am eating a Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar.  It is the perfect afternoon pick me up.  SInce I am eating it now (at 3:30) I know that it will be all digested and settled before my 6:30 Crossfit class.

One day real soon I am going to have to go for a run, but I don’t think today is the day.  13.1 miles is no joke!

 Do you stretch regularly after workouts or runs?  Have you found that it helps decrease post-workout soreness??


See ya later tonight!



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