What Doesn’t Kill Ya…

Good evening peeps.

After getting home from school and prepping m dinner (chicken parm) I debated back and forth wether to skip my scheduled Avalon Crossfit class or not.  Now, in another gym I would not have a problem just bailing on class last minute, but at Crossfit classes are limited to 12 people so many times people who want to register for a class last minute don’t have a spot.  If you cancel last minute it is kind of like keeping a friend from being able to work out!  I don’t need that kind of guilt on my shoulders so I went 😉

Today I thought we were going to be going outside so I dressed in long Dri-Fit Nike pants, a green Puma under tank, and an Under Armour long sleeve shirt (my students would say I was perpetrating!).  Since it is kinda chilly out I knew it would be the perfect attire.

Oh, and I wore a new Sweaty Band tonight too!

After buying my first a few weeks ago at the South End Athletic Club and wearing it to every class since, I decided it was time to invest in a few more so I would have a variety to choose from.  I ordered the Spring 6-pack which included 3 wide bands, 2 medium bands, and a small band.  Not all of the designs are exactly my style, but when it comes to working out you go with function over fashion.  If you are an active female (or male) you definitely have to check these out!

Unfortunately because of the rain today, they changed the WOD to avoid us having to sprinting on the wet track.  I think everyone in class was just a bit bummed, but we can’t blame Crossfit, we must blame Mother Nature for that one. The new WOD was something I was not a fan of right from the get-go: more kettle bells!  Ugh.  I tried to psyche myself up by telling myself “what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger” and in the end this little mantra (and a pep talk from John) got me through 4 rounds in about 14 minutes.

Workout of the Day (WOD):


  • 4 x 15 ring rows (I focused on using my back for these by picturing squeezing a pencil between my shoulder blades)
  • 3 x 15 chest press with 45lb bar (focused on using my glutes and heels to stabilize myself, what a difference it makes!)
  • I also worked on my Kipping pull ups today with John giving me some pointers on using my hips and butt to swing myself.  I’ll get it eventually!

Met Con (metabolic conditioning)
4 rounds for time
  • 15 pushups (I modified on my knees)
  • 15 KB swings (1.5 pood (16kg))
  • 30 ab mat sit ups
  • 15 KB swings as seen above
Originally I was thinking that kettle bells were causing a soreness in my lower back so I wanted to go with a lighter weight.   John, who said the form of my swings is correct and maybe I needed to be sure to stretch, really encouraged me to go for the 16kg so I did and though it was challenging, it was do-able.
I never do regret a workout once I am through.
Actually, this brings me to a question that I am really curious about: how do you count your reps when you are working out?
For me I feel it depends on what I am doing and how many reps I have to do.
  • First off, I ALWAYS count backwards!
  • For a workout like “300“, where you have to do 50 reps of each, I find myself counting in groups of 10.
  • For workouts where it is less reps (say 15) I find myself counting in groups of 5 or sometimes doubling up numbers (instead of counting from 10 I count “5,5,4,4,3,3,2,2,1,1”)
  • In the cases where we are going for max reps I find that I often limit myself by starting to count at a certain number because when I get to 1 I almost always want to stop even though I should keep going.  I have tried starting at a crazy high number and doing my groups of 10 counting but then I lose track of how many reps I did!
  • No matter how I am counting reps, I somehow get to 5 and say “I can do anything for 5 reps”.  Hey, it works!
All in all I feel like if you go into a workout already feeling scared and defeated, it doesn’t make it any easier.  When I count my reps I do any of the above when I feel like I need to adjust my mind to get ’em done!
Off to crash on the couch and was some TV.  It has already been a long week!

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